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Top 5 Best Dust Mask for ATV Riding (2020 Review)

Dust mask for atv riding

Today’s life could be very tense. The best way to get rid of stress is to find right kind of leisure. The variety is quite wide depending on your tastes, physical abilities and season of the year. A popular one is an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), also known as a quad or four-wheeler. If you wish to make this kind of leisure more enjoyable, then you need to get dust mask for ATV riding. Since this sport means driving on dusty roads, it’s necessary to protect your face.

In this article we define a top best dusk mask for ATV riding, answer the frequently asked questions and help you with the right choice.

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Mouth Mask - Anti Dust

Mouth Mask – Anti Dust

  • Elastic material that stretches to fit most people;
  • Perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities, woodworking, and construction;
  • High – quality filters that isolate 99% of harmful elements.

This dust mask is made by trusted brand Fightech that focused on producing and refining line of sports and health products. The main principles of this company are: excellent grade, affordability, and the best value for money of customers and quality assurance of each unit. You can be sure that you will get best dust mask no matter in what area you need it.

The Fightech mask is always lightweight, adjustable and easily washable. Due to carbon N99 filters you will get reliable protection from all kind of dust, allergenic pollen, harmful particles, etc. Moreover, the manufacturer worked on the design and improved the earloop for a better fit. If you want to feel yourself easy and free during work or leisure – this mask respirator can be a good investment in your comfort.

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Respirators For dust & FAQ

Best dust mask for atv

Breathing is an integral part of human life. However, when air is polluted due to particles, dust, vapors and other allergens, it is necessary to protect both nose and mouth from harmful substances. If you want to do this, you will need a respirator or mask that guarantees easy and clean breathing. Whether you have leisure or work in contaminated areas, personal protection should always be near you, because harmful air can negatively affect your organism. Even if you do quad driving you should have a mask for ATV riding to guard your lungs. People with allergies or asthma must carry this personal protection to help themselves breathe safely.

What are the main types of respirators?

There are 2 main and several subcategories of respirators.

1. Air Purifying respirators are characterized by the fact that they clean the air and filter harmful particles. These types include:

  • Mouth bit respirator;
  • Quarter-mask;
  • Half face mask respirators;
  • Full facepiece.

2. Supplied-air respirators supply clean air from a can of compressed air or through an air duct.

Should I choose reusable or disposable respirator?

So you can choose between reusable and disposable models you should firstly, define the area of usage. If you are planning to apply respirator just once for short period of time or occasionally (for example, when you are ill or visiting someone in hospital, when doing some dusty work at home) then you can buy a disposable one.

If your use involves prolonged, repeated wear and you need regularly be in respirator because your work exposes you to a lot of hazards then the best choice will be for reusable type.

Where respirators for dust can be applied?

The range of application of a protective respirator is quite wide. Regardless of your field of activity, you need to take personal care of your nose, lungs, and mouth. All respirators work through several filters that clean the air of dust, bacteria, mold, etc. In fact, it is the same mask used in construction, woodworking, can be applied when working at home, gardening, during sports (for example, a dust mask for ATV riding is a necessary attribute when driving). Also, if you visit cities with poor ecology, you should also protect yourself. In addition, anti-dust respirators work for people with impaired lung function. Such as asthma or emphysema, or just a severe allergy. Some people wonder if such respirators can be used for children. Unfortunately, there are no certified models, but you can choose the smallest size.

PS. Sometimes respirators or masks are used for entertaining purposes: scary dust masks are part of festive costumes that dress for Halloween.

How to choose the right one respirator for dust?

The choice of the right respirator is very important. Firstly, it depends on its type – the level of protection, and how carefully it will filter out the dangers for which it is intended. Subsequently, you need to determine what kind of harmful influence will be in your work. The higher the risk of danger, the stronger the protection should be. If the respirator is suitable for work at home, gardening or in sports – in this case, you can use lighter types. But when working with wood, metal or during a high level of environmental pollution – use a respiratory mask with a sufficient level of protection.

Choose the type of respirator that suits you: whether it should cover both the mouth and nose or only the mouth, whether it will be combined with a helmet and glasses, etc. Applicable in one area, it may not be quite comfortable in another.

Pay attention to the material the respirator is made of, it must be of high quality, the belts or earloop must sit tight, providing a good seal and preventing dust and various particles from getting in. A poorly made product will cause not only discomfort but also does not guarantee high protection. In addition, when choosing, check the filters used to purify the air. Carefully verify how the respirator performs the filtering process, as the overall protection depends on it.

And last but not least. Monitor your protective respirator or mask and take proper care. After all, it depends on how long this item will serve you.

The Best Respirator for ATV Riding

Outdoor activities with ATV mean proper nose and mouth protection while driving. Your airways are exposed to the harmful effects of dust and that’s why they should be protected by dust mask for ATV riding. We realize that it’s quite hard to choose among the variety of presented products. To make your choice easier, we suggest you become familiar with Top of the best protective masks and respirators, with their benefits and cons and customer’s reviews.

Mouth Mask – Anti Dust

Mouth Mask - Anti Duste

Mouth mask adopts high quality cotton, making it soft and comfortable to your face
Good size
Protected from dust
Suit for men and women
Protection from fog, haze, vehicle exhaust, passive smoking, etc.
Only one colore.

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Safety Dust Mask Washable Reusable

Safety Dust Mask Washable Reusable

SBR material plus activated charcoal filter
Has adjustable strap
Face shape design
Perfect for outdoor activities
Comfortable to wear
Only medium size.
One colore.

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Aooba 3 Pcs Fashion Protective Face Masks

Aooba 3 Pcs Fashion Protective Face Masks

2 layer cotton blend
Protect from dust
Washable and reusable
One size fit all
Can protect you from droplets, smog and dust etc
One colore.

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Yoruii Face Masks with Breathing PM2.5

Yoruii Face Masks with Breathing PM2.5

Protect from dust, pollen, pet dander, other airborne irritants
Washable and reusable
One size fit all
One colore.
Does not use for epoxy.

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Venswell Neck Gaiter Dust Face Mask

Venswell Neck Gaiter Dust Face Mask

Mask is made in elastic soft and breathable fabric material
Protection from sun and dust
Multiple functions
Only medium size.

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ATV Tek Pro Series Rider Filtered Mask (Universal)

Dust mask for atv riding
This dust mask for ATV riding protects your respiratory organs from harmful dust. It’s made from a breathable, wicking material that makes you feel comfortable and cool. You don’t need to think about how it can become dirty – it’s easy to change the valves and wash them. This equipment has a universal fit for riders of all ages and sizes. Also this mask can be combined with goggles and a helmet.
Dust filter;
Low-profile fit, width adjustable design;
Long-life washable, reusable;
Clean flow filtration system & Tek valves.
Good quality material;
Protect against all types of dust and dirt.
Not tight enough;
Poor clasp design;
Too small size.

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ATV Tek Dust Mask Bandana (Universal/X-Large)

ATV Tek Dust Mask Bandana
This effective mask protects your breath from harmful dust while driving on the road. The built-in filter blocks 99.5% of all dust particles. Thanks to this, the inhalation of air will be more pleasant. One-way exhaust valves reduce lens fogging. Dust mask bandana is made of breathable, moisture-absorbing material that gives a feeling of freshness and comfort. If you stained the mask, just remove the tech valves and wash it, and then let it dry in the air. The Pro Series Bandana Dust Mask has a universal fit for both adults and children. It is also easily compatible with a helmet and goggles.
Breathable, moisture-wicking material;
Has a filter sewn inside;
Universal size;
Removable valves.
Works well against dust and allergies;
Easy to clean.
Face sweats under the mask;
No tight fit;
Doesn’t work with goggles;
The cloth feels hard;
Hard breathing.

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Cevapro Upgraded Dustproof Masks, Dust Mask with Extra N99 Activated Carbon Filter – Anti Pollution Mask Allergy PM 2.5 Half Face Masks for Biking Motorcycling Running

Dust Mask with Extra N99 Activated Carbon Filter
This mask has more comfortable wear compared to other similar products. It is more breathable for training, riding or outdoor sports. To prevent slipping, an ear loop design is provided that ensures a snug fit. The application areas are quite wide: suitable for indoor/outdoor recreation, construction, woodworking, cycling, motorbike, jogging and more. This dust mask for ATV riding will protect you during activities due to carbon filters and will be easy breathing because of new light material.
Smooth breathing;
General size;
Active carbon filters;
Exclusive design.
Protects against toxins and pungent odors;
No fogging or sweating;
Good protection against allergens, smoke, exhaust gases, viruses.
Slight pressure on ears during wearing;
Little clips for filters.

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Dust Mask by Fightech | Mouth Mask Respirator with 4 Carbon N99 Filters for Pollution Pollen Allergy Woodworking Mowing Running | Washable and Reusable Neoprene Half Face Mask (Large/X-Large, Black)

Best dust mask for atv riding
Most people complain that the previously designed dust masks would often slip off. However, with The Fightech N99 dust mask you forget about this problem. The new earloop design provides a comfortable and tight seal. It is universally compatible, which makes it ideal for different situations. Thanks to its multi-functionality this dust mask can be used in woodworking, various outdoor activities and protect not only from dust but vehicle exhaust and allergenic pollen.
Improved design;
Universal usage;
High-quality valves;
Elastic and comfortable material.
The tight seal provides a high level of protection;
Soft and comfortable material;
High level of protection against allergic elements and dust;
Filters and valves are interchangeable and reusable;
Wide range of applications in various fields.
Can feel bad smelling through a mask;
High level of sweating;
Doesn’t fit all sizes.

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Wolfsnout All Sport Dust Mask Black

Wolfsnout All Sport Dust Mask Black
The Wolfsnout mask is guaranteed to be the easiest dust mask to wear and breathe through on your long rides. The compact design makes it perfectly compatible with goggles and helmet that makes your protective equipment completed. The Wolfsnout is the only mask that provides positive airflow at low speeds and you even forget that u wear it. This best scary dust mask for ATV riding will give you cooler comfort in the summer dust and provides positive airflow at low speeds.
Unbeatable comfort;
Extra-soft, moisture-wicking face seal;
Washable and reusable for lasting value;
Compatible with hydration tubes.
Comfortable for long riding;
Easily works with goggles and helmet;
You can wash and clean it in any time and place.
Poor adjustment of the strap;
Chemical smell.

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Our pick

Best dust mask for atv ridingChoosing the best mask or respirator for dust is difficult to make a choice among the variety of models. Our top pick is Mouth Mask Respirator with 4 Carbon N99 Filters by Fightech that has proved itself to be of high quality and universal use. Filters and valves are interchangeable and reusable that make this mask easy to clean, less harmful for the environment and can be used long term. It is worth noting that in this model there may be a pungent odor that will quickly disappear. In addition, since the mask covers both the nose and mouth, there is a risk of sweating. Despite this, this product deserves to be your high-quality personal dust protection.

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In this article, we chose and investigated top of the best Respirators for ATV Riding and made our overall pick among them. We hope that our recommendations will help you to make right choice based on reviews, benefits, and cons and, that’s important, on your own wishes. The ATV is interesting pastime that’s able to give you feeling of freedom and excitement. But even during leisure, don’t forget about your safety. A properly selected mask/respirator will help you protect both your nose and mouth from dust and particles without reducing the pleasure of having a good time.

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