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Top 7 Best Dust Mask For Mowing (2020 Review)

Top 7 Best Dust Mask For MowingMasks usually cover our mouth and nose and filter the air that we are breathing in. How much filtration a mask is capable of depends on the type of mask. Masks protect the wearer from pollutants, toxic materials, and allergens.

If you are someone who mows their lawn regularly, then you should consider wearing a dust mask. While mowing the lawn, you are exposed to many pollutants and pollen, which is a potential allergen. A proper dust mask will offer you protection from that.

The following sections will discuss the best dust mask for mowing. We will also explore other related details about them.

Types of Masks

There are three primary types of masks available:


Respirators are face masks that are NIOSH* approved and, therefore, provide protection from hazardous, toxic substances like germs and viruses and chemical fumes. They can cover the full face or half of the face and need to fit the wearer properly to function.

Respirators can be reusable or disposable. Reusable respirators protect the face from the haze and smoke better than disposable respirators. Reusable respirators are the best dust masks for mowing, especially if you have a lot of ground to cover and are allergic to grass or pollen.

Dust Masks

Dust masks are similar to respirators but they are not NIOSH* approved and therefore usually do not protect against toxic vapors or germs. Dust masks are able to protect you from dust particles because they are fitted with filters. These filters are usually lined with activated carbon that traps all dust particles and purifies the air that you are breathing in. Dust masks are either disposable or reusable. Reusable masks can be washed and reused for a long period of time. Reusable masks usually make the best dust masks for mowing grass.

Surgical Masks

Surgical masks are usually worn by those who have a cold or nasal infection. They prevent the virus from spreading and affecting other people around you. However surgical masks do not provide any protection from pollutants or dust particles. They have no filters to stop the pollutants or particles and are not able to purify the air in any way. Therefore, they do not make good dust masks for mowing.

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Safety Dust Mask Reusable

Safety Dust Mask Reusable

Containing activated carbon, this mask by Base Camp is the best reusable dust mask for lawn mowing. It filters a hundred percent of dust or dirt particles.

Listed below are distinct features and benefits that make this mask really suitable for mowing.

Made of nylon
Provides excellent breathability
The replaceable filter has a five-layer structure
Ideal for long-term wear
One colore.

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Dust Mask for Mowing: Buying Guide

Since there are many different dust masks available, it might be difficult for you to choose one. Some dust masks are simple while others are more elaborate and resemble gaiters or balaclavas.

But while buying, you might be confused as to which mask is most suitable for you. Given below are some questions. The answers to these will act as a guide when you go to purchase a dust mask and you will find your perfect fit in no time.

What are dust masks?

Dust masks are similar to usual face masks. They cover the nose and are usually held by Velcro or elastic straps. Dust masks should protect you from breathing in dust from bricks, wood, silica, drywall or even fiberglass.

The best dust masks for mowing dust can also prevent allergic reactions. Often, dust masks have a much simpler design with just a flexible piece of fabric covering the nose or mouth.

How do I know if I need a dust mask?

If you are doing work that involves too much dust, then it is important to consider using a dust mask. Inhaling substances like fiberglass dust or dust from drywall can be very dangerous.

If you are working outdoors, like mowing the lawn or even travelling, and you are allergic to pollen, then you will definitely need a dust mask. A dust mask for mowing is great for outdoor use, as it is designed to trap pollutants and allergens.

How do dust masks work?

Dust masks for mowing are usually lined with activated carbon or have other filters to trap dust and dirt particles. When you wear a dust mask and then breathe through it, the mask filters the air entering it. Therefore, you are able to breathe in fresh, clean air, free of pollutants or allergens.
It is very important to buy the right kind of dust masks. Not all dust masks protect you from fumes or smoke, some just filter large particles. Understand what your dust masks will be used for and then choose one according to your needs.

For lawn mowing, you should consider a dust mask that will protect you from the sun as well as from the dust, as you will working out for long hours. If you want a mask to protect you from vapors and chemical substances, then buy one that is equipped with the proper filters.

It is also important to check whether or not the dust mask that you are buying provides a great fit. It should not be too tight but it should not be loose either. A well-fitted dust mask will be able to perform its function better than one that does not conform to your facial features.

For more information about dust mask for mowing, watch this video.

The Best Dust Mask for Mowing

Face masks for mowing need to be comfortable since you will be wearing them for a long time. The material should be stretchable enough and should not slip from your face. Listed below are some of the best dust masks for mowing available. These masks have great features and are great for outdoor purposes.

Safety Dust Mask Reusable – Best Multipurpose Face Mask

Ubru Dust Masks – Best Multipurpose Face Mask

This is a face mask for mowing lawns as well as for woodworking, running and sanding. You can use it to protect yourself from aerosols, large dust particles, and even pollen.
The mask has a flexible nose strip made of aluminum. This allows the mask to conform to the shape of your nose.
The material of the mask is neoprene and it is lined with activated carbon.
There are loops and Velcro strapping to hold the mask in place.
You can breathe through the mask very easily.
There are double, one-way valves present. These prevent an overheating of the mask when you wear it for a long time.
There is foam padding around the nose strip. This prevents your glasses from fogging up.
The package does not include any extra valves. So if a valve breaks, you will not be able to replace it easily.
The mask does not come with extra filters. You will have to buy loose filters from other brands if you need to replace the original ones.

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Achiou Neck Gaiter – Best Face Mask and Neck Gaiter

Achiou Neck Gaiter Face Scarf Mask-Dust

A versatile dust mask for lawn care by Achiou, this mask is multipurpose. It can be used as a neck gaiter, a bandana, a balaclava as well as a face mask. It is good for protection against the sun, wind, and dust. This mask is available in nine different colors.
The mask is made of polyester microfiber material which is thin and lightweight.
The mask is of a standard size and can fit most people easily.
The mask is moisture wicking in nature and therefore is able to keep your face dry.
It also has a fabric weld technology that allows it to fit over your facial features.
The mask provides protection from not only pollutants but also from the sun, dust and dirt particles.
The mask provides UV protection up to UPF 20.
It can be washed with water and detergent.
You can use this mask for protection during cold weather.
The mask cannot be machine dried because it is made out of very thin material.
There is a tag fastener on the mask which can cause damage to the fabric when pulled off.

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MIRKOO 3D Breathable Neck Gaiter – Best Facewear and Sun Mask

MIRKOO 3D Breathable Seamless Tube Face Mask

This is the best dust mask for mowing grass, is comfortable and can be worn in twelve different ways. Since it is SGS certified, you can wear it for a long time in the sun while mowing your lawn. However, while washing your mask, remember to not wash it in water above 30 degrees Celsius.
The mask is made out of stretchable polyester microfiber.
The fabric has 3D printed designs on it.
The mask is durable and will last for a very long time.
It is a standard sized mask that can fit many people comfortably.
The mask is good for protection against harmful UV rays.
The harmful polyester microfiber material keeps your face dry by absorbing sweat.
The mask is quite breathable and can be worn for mowing, especially if there is a lot of dust in the air.
The fabric is not very lightweight but rather bulky for long-term use.
The mask can only be washed by hand. You cannot wash it in a machine or with warm water.
The mask can cause your face to heat up.

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Cuimei Dust Protection Neck Gaiters – SG Certified Face Maskk

Cuimei Dust Protection Neck Gaiters – SG Certified Face Mask

A breathable scarf mask by Cuimei, this is a great face mask for mowing lawns. Usually available in packs of two, the face mask is ideal for outdoor work in the summer.
The mask is made of stretchable, high-quality polyester.
There is realistic 3D printing on the mask that makes it look quite attractive.
This mask is SGS certified and contains a UPF 30+ din protection filter.
The mask acts as a physical sunscreen, protecting your face and neck from the harmful UV rays.
The stretchable fabric allows the mask to fit your face comfortably.
You can easily breathe through the mask.
The mask absorbs sweat easily and keeps your face dry.
The fit might be too tight or too loose for some depending upon how stretchable the material is.
The mask does not protect your face from bacteria or germs.

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5 Pack Fashion Protective

5 Pack Fashion Protective

Biaoyun’s dust mask with replaceable carbon filters is good for mowing, running and traveling as it is not only dustproof but also windproof. It comes with two adjustable rubber rings and four activated carbon filters. The extra ring and filters can be used if you need to replace the original ones.
The mask is made out of soft cotton fabric.
The mask has activated carbon for filtration.
There is a rubber ring fitted in the mask. The ring is very elastic and can be easily adjusted around your head.
There is an “M”-shaped nose clip attached to the mask that helps it to stay in your face without slipping.
You can easily breathe while wearing the mask. It will not sit too tightly or stop proper airflow.
The mask can be washed at regular intervals and reused.
With the stretchable rubber band, you can adjust the length of the mask so it is covering the area properly.
This mask is more expensive than other similar ones available on the market.
There might be a strong chemical odor to the fabric.
You will not be able to wash this face mask in the washing machine with other clothes. It has to be washed gently by hand.

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ALMAGO Dustproof Mask

Respirator for Dust, Pollen, Allergies, Paint

This face mask for mowing protects you from allergic reactions and pollutants throughout the day. It is suitable for outdoor activities like cycling, running and traveling as well.
The mask contains carbon filters to trap dust, dirt, pollutants, and allergens.
The mask also has an N99 filter.
The material of the mask is nylon, which has a soft texture.
There is a nosepiece fitted with the mask which can be adjusted.
The mask can be washed and reused.
The material of the mask is very comfortable for long-term use and is permeable.
The mask has a proper ventilation system in place which allows for optimum air circulation.
The filter does not block out smoke of any kind.
The mask might become rather loose after long-term use.
Your face might overheat and your glasses might fog up if you wear this mask for a considerable amount of time.

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Summer Cooling Neck Gaiter/Bandana

Summer Cooling Neck Gaiter/Bandana

MINKANAK’s mask is one of the best dust masks for mowing. But it is also very versatile and can be worn in several different ways. It can protect you from harmful UV rays, and you can wear the mask in sixteen different ways.
The fabric of the mask is UPF 50+ in nature.
The material used for the mask is very lightweight and stretchable.
The mask has Air-Hole technology which allows proper air circulation due to the presence of small holes in the fabric.
The mask protects from wind, dirt, moisture, sand and even insects.
The edges of the mask are stitched well to give it a good finish.
TThe material keeps your face cool even in the hot sun and absorbs sweat.
You can easily breathe through these masks.
Your glasses might fog up when you wear this mask for too long
The mask might be a loose fit for some.

The mask can only be washed by hand with cold water. You will not be able to wash it in the washing machine or use hot water. The fabric will also be damaged if you use bleach or even fabric softener.

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Dust Mask for Mowing: FAQs

Will a dust mask protect from all kinds of airborne particles and pollutants?

Dust masks do not protect you against all kinds of airborne particles or pollutants. It does take care of most non-oil particles and pollutants. However, if the size of the particles is large and if there is debris present, then your dust mask will not be of much use.

Does a dust mask for mowing fit heads of all sizes?

Usually, dust masks for mowing do fit all sizes. They are stretchable and are quite versatile.

What are dust masks made of?

Dust masks can be made out of many different materials. They can be made of cotton, nylon, polyester or even Neoprene. Neoprene masks are usually lined with activated carbon.

Can the filters of a dust mask for mowing be cleaned?

The filters cannot be cleaned. They will need to be replaced.

Does a dust mask for mowing protect against all chemicals?

Only dust masks with special filters keep out fumes and chemical vapors. Regular dust masks for mowing will not be able to do so.


Buying the best dust mask for mowing is not an easy task but if you consider your needs and weigh the pros and cons of each mask, you will be able to find a suitable one. The aforementioned masks are all great and can work really well for all outdoor activities, especially mowing. Therefore, check whether the dust mask fits all your requirements and if it is comfortable and easy to use and make your purchase.

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