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Top 8 Best Earplugs For Concerts (2020 Review)

Best earplugs for concerts – Buyer’s Guide

Who doesn’t love attending concerts? Everyone out there would want to hear live music once in a lifetime. Music lovers dream about going to concerts of their favorite artists all day. The experience of listening to live music is so overwhelming.  However, if you go to concerts frequently, then you must be aware that concerts are way too loud. Unfortunately, the loud music can lead to ear damage. It’s not about how many concerts you attend; even a single music event can damage your auditory system in less than 10 minutes. However, what if we tell you there is a way to protect your ears? All you need is a set of earplugs, and you can enjoy music as much as you want without damaging your hearing ability.   We can help you learn all you must know about the best earplugs for concerts and how they protect you against loud music. Check out our top earplugs for a concert and see how these tiny plugs will save you from hearing loss.


Overall #1 Rated Pick:

EarDial Ear Plugsare
By reviewing so many earplugs for a concert in the market, we discovered that EarDial Ear Plugsare the best one. They not only protect ear damage, but also offer better audio quality, noise cancellation, and clear sound.


  1. A low profile highly transparent design
  2. High fidelity noise reduction of 20 dB flat attenuation
  3. Easy to insert and remove
  4. Safe and comfortable to wear for long hours
  5. Made from non-toxic, hypoallergenic silicone
  6. A unique earwax protection feature
  7. An easy mobile app to check the sound levels

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Earplugs for concerts – Buying Guide & FAQ

Finding the best earplugs for a concert is not easy at all especially when having no idea about earplugs. If you want a seat of best earplugs for yourself, follow our detailed reviews below. But, first, you must know what these little earplugs are.

What are earplugs?

Earplugs are small devices made of foam, rubber, silicone or wax and are to be inserted in the car canals just like you insert your earbuds. The earplugs are designed specifically to protect your ears from loud noises, or any foreign particle from entering your ear canal like water, dust, and wind, etc. Some earplugs are custom made that fits the size of one’s ear canal accurately. The earplugs are used by several people such as swimmers, scuba divers, mine and drill workers, concert photographers and managers. People also use it while sleeping to avoid loud noises entering their ears and disturbing their precious quality sleep.

How loud sounds affect our ears?

Loud sounds can damage our ears. The sound enters our eardrum and passes to cochlea where there are many microscopic tiny hair cells. What these hair cells do is they signal the brain through your auditory nerve when vibrations pass through them. Your brain interprets different tones based on how fast your hair cells move. The hair cells move faster when the sound is loud. Excessive working of hair cells can ultimately lead to their death by frequent exposure to loud sounds. This is result in permanent loss of hearing as the hair cells cannot regenerate. The hair cells usually bend when damaged and may cause tinnitus.

Why must you wear Earplugs while going to concerts?

Although the purpose of going to a concert is to hear music loudly, this can lead to hearing loss. You must keep a set of earplugs designed for concert use with you for noise clarity while protecting your ears. Nobody would want damaged hearing because of long exposure to loud music from speakers at concerts. Loud music can lead to permanent hearing failure. Our normal conversation levels are about only 60 to 65 decibels loud, but the music at concerts can reach up to 100 to 120 decibels. The noise above 100 decibels can cause loss of hearing right after exposure to 15 minutes only whereas 120 decibels will cause an earache and permanent ear damage right away. So, think twice before going to a rock concert without a pair of musician ear plugs.

Are concerts too loud?

To answer this, we will refer to the standard decibel meter to see which sound range is safer and which noise range is dangerous for your ears. According to NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health), it is not just a question of the noise intensity alone with a safe threshold value of noise exposure to ears. It is more of an ear that can withstand noise levels for a certain time. 85 decibels is the upper limit for safe noise level. It mainly depends on the time the noise is exposed to your ears. An interesting fact is that the time duration that an ear can endure the noise is halved for each 3-decibel increase added. Amplifiers and drums mostly cause the damaging noise levels by rock musicians at concerts.

What is Tinnitus?

The noise rings or buzzes in your ears or head that does not come from any external source; those ringing sounds are your perception. It is a symptom of ear damage and hearing loss. The ringing noises in both ears are sometimes so loud that it interferes with your ability to hear a genuine sound or concentrate on your work. It is also caused by exposure and listening to loud music for hours which damages the hair cells of your ears.

What are the different types of earplugs?

There are diverse types of earplugs but mainly divided into these categories:

  • Foam:These are the most common earplugs in the market. Also, they are very cheap. These are made of memory foams like polyurethane or polyvinyl chloride, which is why they are called foam earplugs.  They are compressed to insert in your ear canals providing you the highest decibel drop off. To insert these, you must roll them with a slender rod, then pull and hold it deep into the ear canal with the help of a finger. These foam plugs can offer noise reduction to 22-32 decibels.
  • Wax ball earplugs:They are similar to foam ones, but they seal your ear canals completely, and you would feel disconnected from the world. They are easily available at the local pharmacies.
  • Flanged:The flanged earplugs’ cone-shaped rims create a universally fit seal against your ear canal. They are comfortable to wear for long hours and designed for musicians.
  • Custom silicone:These are the custom molded earplugs made of vinyl or silicone that fit your ear canal and shape with no pressure or discomfort. They custom made earplugs offer consistent attenuation.
  • Musicians or Hi-Fi:These earplugs are designed for musicians, performers, and technicians and come with various attenuations levels.

What are Hi-Fidelity earplugs?

Musicians are also exposed to high noise levels which can cause tinnitus or hearing loss, so they must wear Hi-Fi earplugs to protect their ears. These earplugs of musicians are designed in such a way which attenuates the sounds across every single frequency evenly. This helps to maintain the natural response of frequency of the ear minimizing the effect on the treble and bass perception of the user. Technician and musicians commonly use these in their concerts and studios to avoid the high exposure to loud music levels. A minute diaphragm is present that reduces the low frequency and an absorbent material for high frequency. Filters inside them flatten response of frequency. Thus the music passes in your ear through the plug being minimum effected.

How are concert earplugs different from typical earplugs?

The earplugs for a concert will not distort or muffle the sound completely as the typical earplugs do. They conserve the quality of the sound while simultaneously reducing the volume to a new ear-friendly noise level. The audio filters reduce the noise throughout the entire sound spectrum in a uniform way. The usual earplugs lower only some sounds causing the listening experience to deteriorate. The earplugs for concert allow you to enjoy the experience of high fidelity, whereas preventing you from damaging your hearing system, so you carry on to enjoy music. Having a low profile design, they are less noticeable by anyone. For more information on earplugs, click the link:

Things to Consider before buying ear plugs

We want you to buy the most appropriate earplugs for yourself. So, here are tips you need to see before choosing the best earplugs for the concert. Blocking or filtering soundThe earplugs which block the incoming vibrations to your ears will give a much-muffled sound. You probably won’t like that feel while going to a concert. So, it is better to avoid the earplugs made of foam and earmuffs. Go for earplugs with audio filters and some new loop designs in the market allows you to hear clear music while protecting your ears. TypeChoose the universal fit ones like earplugs made of silicone. They fit your ears perfectly plus they are much easier to clean.  Ear plugs that are moldable have to be heated first and then cooled to fit your ear shape. You also have the custom earplugs exactly made according to their ear size. Pick the one which suits you finest. PriceThe foam earplugs are the cheapest of all the earplugs out there in the market. You can have a bulk of them for just $10. The universal ones vary between a price range of 10 to $40 depending on the brand and type you want to buy. The custom-made earplugs are expensive. Levels of noise reductionThe main reason you buy earplugs is to protect your ears from damage due to loud sounds. Therefore, it’s important to remember decibel reduction when buying a set of earplugs for yourself. Concerts can loud to 150 dB, so choose the earplugs with noise reduction up to 15-20 dB.

Earplugs safe or not?

You might be thinking if earplugs are safe or not? Theirs is a slight chance that the earplugs might go too far into ear causing ache. This hardly ever happens because of the typical earplug design with soft textures that minimizes the risk of earplug pushed too deep inside your ear. You are much likely to harm yourself when you go to concerts without earplugs than when you go out with them. The cleaning of Hi-Fi earplugs is a very simple procedure. Although various brands recommend different techniques for cleaning the earplugs according to instructions given, the simple way of cleaning is to rinse them with water. It would help if you bought a new pair of ear plugs every three months to avoid ear infections.

The best earplugs for the concert

Now, you know that you must protect your ears to avoid hearing damage and in concerts. To make it easy for you, we will provide you with detailed reviews of the best earplugs for the concert. See our product table below with comparison if you are running short on time.

LiveMusic HearSafe Ear Plugs – Ultimate protection for your ears

LiveMusic HearSafe Ear Plugs

You can now enjoy loud music tension free with the LiveMus!c earplugs specially designed to give you the best clarity of sound while protecting your ears.

This is the vital hearing defense you need before going to a concert or club. They are made of soft silicone having a 3-flange design. These earplugs are non-toxic and hypoallergenic so that they won’t cause you any itching, allergic reaction or discomfort.

The Hearsafe ear plugs will fit your ears perfectly due to their cone-shaped tip that fits a large range of ear sizes whereas giving a great seal. No more muffled sound, thanks to the attenuation filters with varying strength levels. It not only protects your ears but also does noise safeguard, canceling of noise with its filter and provides you the finest attenuation.

What’s amazing about this product is there are two sets of earplugs with a green and white filter. The green filter offers 23 decibels of noise reduction ratio whereas white offers 29 dB. These filters fade the high-frequency background attenuation while maintaining suitable signals for music and verbal communications.

They are reusable; up to 12 months requiring little maintenance. HearSafe is one of the best-selling earplugs.

Here’s pro tip: The long-term use of earplugs can cause excessive earwax which interrupts your hearing system. So, it is advised not to use earplugs daily and for a prolonged time.

Top features

  • Silicone made with the tip of cone-shaped
  • Two pairs of earplugs; 23 and 29dB
  • A handy carrying aluminum corrosion free case containing a removable cord
High noise reduction
  Protects from ear damage
  Comfortable to wear
  A removable cord
  Fast to insert
  Easy to carry
Smaller carrying case for two pairs
One cord only for both earplugs
Mid-range frequencies muted

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Etymotic ETY-Plugs High Fidelity Earplugs – Best earplugs for attending concerts

Etymotic ETY-Plugs High Fidelity Earplugs

These ETY earplugs are by Etymotic; a company that develops earplugs for high fidelity.

Unlike other earplugs, these don’t distort or muffle the sound while retaining the sound quality. The sound levels are reduced to safer levels suitable for you to hear causing no ear damage. Musicians working in loud environments commonly use the ER20XS earplugs, but they are equally effective for the audience.

These earplugs come in two sizes, large and standard. Each size generates about 20dB of reduction in sound. What these earplugs do is they replicate the natural response of the ear, with no compromise on sound quality.

The ETY earplugs have a three-flange design which makes it compact delivering sounds that are not muffed. Equipped with an audio resistor and a tuned resonator imitate the ear canal’s sound response which results in a clear sound coming to your ears at a low level of volume.

Here’s pro tip: Earplugs are easy to maintain and clean. Just wipe off your earplugs with a damp tissue/cloth or wash them under lukewarm running water after each use and keep them safe in the aluminum box provided.

Top features

  • Noise reduction to 20 dB
  • 3-flange structure
  • A tuned resonator
  • Audio resistor
Ear protection up to 20 decibels
A storage case with neck cord and instructions included
A standard and large fit size
Can be worn with ear tips made of foam
Two filters earplugs
Not as comfortable as the foam earplugs
Have to be replaced after three months
Can’t be used for sleeping/swimming or gunfire

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Earplugs Noise Reduction Filtered Hearing Protection by EAR Defense – A premium protection for your ears

Earplugs Noise Reduction Filtered Hearing Protection by EAR Defense

This pair of high fidelity earplugs by EAR Defense is premium protection for your ears you can use anywhere you want.

It comes with two pairs of earplugs with green and white filters offering high noise reduction in a single package. These will save you from permanently damaging your auditory system as the white filter offers NRR up to 29 dB while green offers 23 dB of noise reduction. These are made of soft silicone that is not toxic and prevents allergies.

The EAR Defense ear plugs protect your hearing, so you can continue to enjoy music. You can wear these earplugs cordless under your helmet too; the filters will decrease the road and wind noise effect while riding letting you notice the traffic noise.

The noise filters of EAR Defense earplugs can decrease and weaken the high-frequency noise attenuation and every other kind of background sounds. You will still hear important things like conversation and music.

Here’s pro tip: The earplugs are not intended for concert use only; they should be used while drilling, gardening, going to cinemas, traveling, swimming and places where there is a slight risk of ear damage by loud sounds.

Top features

  • Two pairs of ear plugs
  • Washable, hypoallergenic silicone made
  • Two filters; 23 and 29 dB of noise reduction
Easy insert and removal
Comfortable for long periods
Reusable; up to 30 months
Two separate neck cords for each pair
Four stalk extenders for each earplug
A key ring type easy carrying aluminum case
Suitable for kids (above 12)
Narrow small case
Shorter cords
The lanyard is bit awkward

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Reverbs High Fidelity Ear Plugs by Pine sounds – Best noise-reducing earplugs for concerts

Reverbs High Fidelity Ear Plugs by Pine sounds

Looking for the best noise reduction earplugs for attending a concert? The Reverbs Hi-Fi earplugs made high grade natural soft silicone will provide you best noise reduction with two different filters.

The green filter reduces noise by 20 dB while white reduces to 28 dB. Don’t worry about any allergies because these are safe to wear; hypoallergenic. Many musicians, drummers, and DJs use it.

These earplugs have a precision filter which will reduce the loud sound whereas maintaining the quality and clarity of audio.

Here’s the pro tip: Protect your ears by wearing earplugs that will block all those irritating and unsafe background noises. However, you can still hear what’s important.

Top features

  • Natural silicone made
  • Three flanged style
  • Two pairs with different noise reduction filters; 20 and 28 dB
High noise reduction up to 28 dB
Hypoallergenic; safe to use
Durable case made of aluminum with key ring holder
Too fragile and soft
Causes discomfort after prolonged usage

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EarDial Ear Plugs – Best invisible earplugs for Hearing Protection

EarDial Ear Plugs

Ear Dial features the most invisible ear plugs which nobody can ever see. They have a low-profile design and are made of soft silicone.

These earplugs have a Hi-Fi sound filter, which blocks the damaging decibels without disrupting the quality of the sound. The filter offers noise reduction up to 20 dB. The exclusive features of earwax protection guard the precision filter, so your earplugs are always clean.

You’re also getting a solid aluminum box with a glow sticker to keep your earplugs safe. You do look silly wearing those colorful earplugs, but these earplugs match your skin tone making it nearly invisible due to their high transparency. EarDial earplugs are without a doubt the best friend of all the concert-goers.

Here’s the pro tip: As long as your earplugs remain dirt free and clean, they can be reused after washing. However, if you earplug seems to slightly tear or dirty, buy a new pair to avoid allergies and infections.

Top features

  • High fidelity earplugs with 20 dB noise reduction
  • Low profile design
  • Highly transparent
  • Ear wax protection
  • Mobile App
Easy to insert and remove
Comfortable for wearing for a prolonged time
Extremely discrete
luminescent night glow sticker
Ear wax protection
Useful mobile App
Short size

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EarPeace HD Concert Ear Plugs – Your professional earplugs to counter loud sounds

EarPeace HD Concert Ear Plugs

These are made of medical grade soft silicone making them comfortable for use during long periods. Having a two flanged design, they are small in size and will fit your ear canal perfectly with no visibility since they are transparent.

Three plugs are included in the package offering 11, 14 and 19 dB of noise reduction. These earplugs turn the volume down and do not distort the sound. The high-fidelity earplugs will you provide a clear sound with a safer volume.

These low-profile music earplugs are comfy enough to be worn all day and have been used by professional singers and musicians for many years.

Here’s the pro tip: You hear and feel expanding of earplugs filling the canal once they have been inserted. It is safe to insert earplugs deep into your ear canals only when you carefully follow the instructions and position the tap properly, so you easily remove them.

Top features

  • 2 Flanged style
  • Three ear plugs with different noise reduction range
  • Silicone made discrete earplugs
  • Aluminum case
Highly transparent; invisible
Soft handle
Can wear it during sleep
Three filters
Aluminum case
Small narrow case
No neck cords

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Soundox High Fidelity Earplugs for Ear Protection – Best earplugs for rock concerts

Soundox High Fidelity Earplugs for Ear Protection

With a revolutionary sleek and modern design, these Soundox earplugs work the same like all other Hi-Fi musicians’ earplugs. It offers 23 dB of noise reduction by a specialized filter that retains the sound quality.

The earplug tips are made memory foam that fits all shape of ears. These earplugs are perfect for people with sensory issues such as ADHD, brain wound, concussions, and tinnitus.

Here’s pro tip: Even if use earplugs are correct, there is a chance that hearing damage may occur. If you cannot remove the earplug or your ear has been damaged, look for an EMT’s help immediately.

Top features

  • 23 dB of noise reduction
  • Dens elements and memory foam made
  • Modern design
  • Foam tips available in S, M and L
  • Neck Cord
Hypoallergenic, safe memory foam
Portable storage case
Comfortable to wear for long hours
low profile discrete look
Can’t filter snoring sounds
Hard to insert

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DownBeats: High Fidelity Hearing Protection – Best earplugs for concerts silicone

DownBeats: High Fidelity Hearing Protection

If you want to protect yourself from tinnitus and hearing loss, then earplugs by downbeats is an ideal choice. It offers a noise reduction up to 18 dB with clear sound without being muffed. With high transparency and their clear design, these are low profile and discreet.

The sound filters ensure that you hear clear conversation and music at a safe, protected level for ears. Music will hit your ears flawlessly whereas all the unwanted sounds won’t reach you.

Here’s pro tip: Always keep your earplugs away from children to avoid the risk of choking. A child can easily swallow the silicone ones accidentally. Always keep them tightly sealed in an aluminum case when kids are around.

Top features

  • Noise reduction of 18 dB
  • Silicone made
  • Transparent low profile two-flanged design
  • Strong aluminum case
Comfortable to wear
Durable case for storage
Fits ear easily
a longer stem
Too short
Difficult to remove

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Our Top Pick


Our pick is the EarDial Ear Plugs due to the features it embraces for protecting your ear against damage with zero visibility.

The ridged cut and hypoallergenic design of these plugs make them safe and comfortable to wear even while sleeping. With lots of convenient features like earwax protection, high transparent color, noise filter of 20 dB, pull tab with grip bump, a very useful mobile app to know sound levels around you and easy carrying aluminum case, this is our top pick for the best earplugs for concerts.

Once you damage your hearing ability, it will by no means get back.

Therefore, providing sufficient protection by wearing earplugs is unquestionably a lot better than damaging your ears. So, keep yourself safe from tinnitus and permanent damage of hair cells.

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