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Top 8 Best Hard Hats (Review & Buying Guide) 2020

You might have heard news several times about severe head injury accidents to workers. So, if you don’t want to hurt your head, protect it by wearing a hard hat. This goes out to all the workers and engineers at worksites where there is a risk of being hit by an object falling or danger of electrical shock. No worries if you knock your head against any object, the hard hat will keep you safe. A hard hat is imperative industrial safety gear!

We will help you learn all about the best hard hats you can buy, what they are and how do these hats provide safety. You will discover how hard hats can benefit you.


Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

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By reviewing various hard hats, we discovered that Safety Hard Hat CPH01C by AMSTON is the best one in all aspects, i.e. comfort, functionality, and design for home renovation, new construction, and various DIY projects.



  1. Compliant with ANSI Z89.1 standards for impact protection
  2. 6 point X suspension
  3. Vented top for easy cooling

Multi-point hat adjustment that fits your head shape easily

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Buying Guide & FAQ

Finding the best safety hard hat is not an easy task especially if you have no idea about hard hats. The hard hats also are known as safety helmets are worn by labor workers and engineers mostly at construction, mining and drilling worksites. These protect workers from hurting their heads. If you want a hard hat for yourself, follow the reviews below. However, first, you must know what they are.

What are hard hats?

As the name suggests, a hard-hat is a helmet made of a rigid and solid shell like metal, hard plastic or fiberglass to protect the worker’s head. Hard hat has two basic parts; one is the shell while other is headgear. Suspension channels in the hat act as an absorber of shocks. There is a difference of 1-1.4 inches between the hat’s shell and suspension which protect the head when something strikes it. Also, the headgear offers adjustability and comfort. They resist the object penetration directly into the head and allow air ventilation for long hours wearing. Most of the hard hats are water and burn/heat resistant.
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Where to wear?

A hard hat should be worn when there is even the slightest risk of head injury by any falling object or an area where you and your head are exposed to electrical flow systems to prevent electric shocks. Workplaces that require these hard hats include:




Electric wiring and power systems;


What are different types and classes?

There are two hard hats: type I and II. Type I hard hats reduce the force of falling objects like a hammer on the head’s top. Type II protects side and top of the head when something falls.
Hard hats have three industrial classes based on OSHA: Class C, E, and G. Class C are known as the conductive hats designed for lightweight protection ( from a blow. They are more comfortable to wear because of ventilation and made from aluminum mostly. These vented hard hats do not protect against electrical shocks. Class E: electrical hard hats offering workers against electric voltages up to 2,200 volts. They also protect users from falling or flying objects. Class G is the general class of hard hats. They reduce low-voltage conductor exposure and resists penetration. Class G hats are used mostly by workers in steel and iron miles.

Why do hard hats come in many colors?

Hard hats come in many colors like yellow, green, red, etc. because these colors can mean different roles of workers on sites. Several basic rules can help to identify workers from their hat colors. These colored hard hat systems vary between countries and organizations. The certain standard colors used for hard hats are:

  • White is for supervisors, managers, and engineers
  • Brown is for welders and workers that deal with high heat functions
  • Green is for safety inspector or fresh workers
  • Blue is for carpenters and electricians mainly
  • Yellow is for all-purpose laborers
  • Orange is for road team screw

The Best Hard Hats

With hard hats, you will find a variety in the market. However, if you’re looking for only the best, this is the right place for you!
You will find detailed reviews of the best hard hats. See our product table below for the hard hats we liked most and a comparison with a summary if you are running short on time.



Evolution Deluxe 6161 280-EV6161-10V Full Brim Hard Hat with HDPE Shell – Best construction Hard Hat

Evolution Deluxe 6161 280-EV6161-10V Full Brim Hard Hat with HDPE Shell
Top Features:
  • 3D adjustment system that allows for a change without taking the hat off
  • Ventilation system helps to reduce the heat
  • Very lightweight, easy to wear for long periods of time

The Evolution Deluxe hard hat is designed to not only offer good protection from most sorts of danger but also to be comfortable to wear. It’s very lightweight, has 6-point suspension and is made of high density polyethylene. Falling debris, sun or rain will not disturb you while you wear this hard hat. Unique features such as 3D adjustment also add to its attractiveness for buyers. This feature makes the hat easier to adjust and fit without taking it off. 6 point suspension (in this case ratchet suspension) allows the hat to spread out the force in case it has to deal with something landing on your head and makes working process much safer for you.

  Durable and light at the same time;
  Comfortable and vented;
  Easy to adjust thanks to ratchet suspension;
  Wide color range, offers good visibility;
  Price quality ratio;
The straps are not of the highest quality;
Ventilation system is not very helpful because of small holes.

Some users’ complained they needed to spend an hour cutting and adding length to the suspension to lower the helmet to a comfortable and safe level.

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Safety Hard Hat by AMSTON – Best Hard Hat for Hot Weather

Safety Hard Hat
Top Features:
  • A vented top for quick head cooling
  • 6 ‘X’ suspension straps (soft cloth)
  • Grimed brim
  • Detachable soft sweatband

Loaded with so many features, this is a perfect fit for both men and women. The vented top keeps you cool at work, and a washable sweatband absorbs your sweat. The shell is made of plastic and good for construction. The ventilation is good enough at even 90-100 degrees. We recommend you this breathable hat because it is designed for maximum comfort and safety in hot conditions.

  Affordable and durable;
  Strong grip and better fit;
  Fits the other PPE comfortably;
  Removable additional chin strap;
Slightly heavy for kids;
Chin strap breaks easily.

An imperative tip:
They provide excellent customer service. If you feel like your product has an issue, you can get your refund by returning the product.

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3M Hard Hat 4-Point Ratchet Suspension H-703R – A cap style hard hat

3M Hard Hat

Top features

  • Ratchet suspension of 4 point
  • Disposable brow pad
  • Shorter brim
  • Weigh 12.8 ounces

The 3M hard hat is lightweight and comfortable to wear. With its ratchet type, 4 point suspension and easy height adjustment provides you protection by falling objects and bumping your head against heavy objects. It is recommended for application in industrial and construction work.

  Lightweight with a rigid, tough shell;
  Comfortable to wear;
  Accessory slot for ear-muffs and headgear;
Difficult to assemble;

Here’s pro tip:
Other than just the general heat of wearing this hat, this is by far the most comfy-while-snug hardhat you had ever worn.

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Fiberglass Hard Hat Black/silver- A Real Work Helmet

Fiberglass Hard Hat
Top features
  • Cool airflow
  • High-density polyethylene shell
  • Fast-Trac ratchet-style suspension

If you want a heavy-duty hard hat you can wear comfortably in industries where the temperature is too high, the Fiberglass hard hat is a perfect choice. Gives a flow of cool air within the high-density polythene hat and is equipped with ratchet style suspension of Fast-Trac.
We recommend you this real work helmet for construction purpose because it is durable, light-weight and provides good ventilation made with fiberglass reinforced polymer.

  Easy adjustment;
  Air ventilation;
Bigger size;
No electrical shocks protection.

Important point:
When you must wear a hard hat all day, you need comfort. Vents in this hat allow great air flow. The headband is adjustable for height, along with hat size.

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ERB 19989 Cap Style Omega II Hard Hat with Mega Ratchet – A Best hard hat for women

ERB 19989 Omega II Cap Style Hard Hat
Top features
  • 6-point mega suspension (nylon)
  • The USA made high-density polyethylene shell
  • moisture absorbing brow pad
  • 50 meshing teeth lock of ratchet

A pink fluorescent hard hat ideal for all women workers, made with good quality polythene shell. The Omega II is equipped a mega 6-point suspension that is nylon woven and an adjustable chin strap. This is the best hard hat for women since the extra-large ratchet is securely fitted with an easy turning knob to adjust the size without removing your hard hat.

  Perfect fit and adjustable height;
  Comfortable to wear;
  Retain slots for goggles
No air ventilation;
No fluorescent neon color.

The suspension is problematic, and the hat sits high on the head. It might not fit you well; however, you can return that easily.

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ERB 19136 Omega II Cap Style Hard Hat with Slide Lock – Best safety hard hat

ERB 19136 Omega II Cap Style Hard Hat with Slide Lock
Top features
  • 6 point nylon suspension
  • High-density polythene made a shell
  • Washable brow pad

The 6-point suspension is nylon woven and has an additional adjustable chin strap. The slide-lock suspension adjusts easily to over 40 different sizes 6.5 to 8 of heads. This is the best safety hard hat because it offers strength and comfort.

Did you know?
You need not to remove your hat to adjust the fitting every time. You can easily do it an easy knob on the helmet. There is enough space between your helmet, and the liner, for airflow and air circulation. No vent holes mean you can comfortably wear the hat in the rain without water coming from these vent holes.

  Better fit and comfort;
  Friction-free smooth sliding;
Short suspension straps.

Here’s pro tip:
The extra-large ratchet securely fitted with an easy turning knob to adjust the size without removing the hat.

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Safety Hard Hat by AMSTON – Top vented hard hat

Safety Hard Hat by AMSTON- Adjustable Helmet
Top features
  • Ventilated top
  • 6 ‘X’ suspension straps
  • A grimed brim
  • clip-on soft detachable sweatband

The CPH01 is designed for protection, ease, and comfort for you. Its six soft suspensions fit comfortably and easily with a hat strap. The hat shell is made of high-density durable plastic suitable for construction purposes.

  Affordable and durable;
  Stronger grip and fit;
  Fits the other PPE comfortably
Slightly heavy

Here’s pro tip:
The vented top keeps you cool, and a washable sweatband absorbs your sweat. Your head won’t feel wear even if you wear this hat all day because of its vented top, which will air will keep flowing and keep your head cool.

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MSA 475408 Skullgard Protective – Excellent heat resistant hat

MSA 475407 Natural Tan Skullgard Hard Hat with Fas-Trac Suspension
Top features
  • Fas-Trac III suspension
  • Full brim

The Skullgard is the best heat resistant hard hat in the market and tested for heat high-temperature loads that are lower than 350F. It features with the ratchet-style suspension of Fast- Trac III for easy and comfortable adjustment. It is recommended for outdoor use and shielding against elements for the welding industry.

Did you know?
This hat will save you from high voltage electric shocks. The full brim will not let a single raindrop to touch your body and making your head wet.

  Hard Polly resin design;
Some buyers report no headgear and suspension

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Our top pick: Safety Hard Hat CPH01C by AMSTON

hard hats

Our pick is the Safety Hard Hat CPH01C by AMSTON due to the features it embraces for home improvement, construction, and DIY projects. It is the best rated hard hat on due to outstanding functionality, comfort, and option like adjustable Helmet with cool vents. This hard hat product is highly rated and will be shipped right away.

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All of our best hard hats will serve you well. They can protect you from any head injuries. You can now work with ease with the help of these quality hard hats. Wear your hard hat and stay safe!

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