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Top 5 Best Mortise Locksets (2021 Review)

Top 5 Best Mortise LocksetsWe all want ourselves and things we value to be safe. Undoubtedly, regardless of your region or area, burglaries happen. Their frequency might vary, but burglaries happen. This is one primary reason for our apartments, offices, and even places of business are to be safe. There are many ways to ensure the safety of a building and the things inside of it. One way is the installation of a lock or locks in perimeter doors. There are many kinds of door locks, but an effective one is the mortise lockset. This post will be on some of the best mortise locksets for your safety.

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Hade Lion Keyed Alike Entry Door Lever

Hade Lion Keyed Alike Entry Door Lever

A mortise lockset is an umbrella term for locksets using a particular installation method. Therefore, the way the lock is to operate or appear varies by manufacturer. Several locks come under the umbrella of mortise locksets.

Of such several locksets, our overall #1 rated pick will be the Marks Hardware (91A-RH) Mortise Lock. This lock comes with high security, making it difficult to break in. Of course, this is what a door lock is supposed to do. But, this particular lock takes that to another level with its operational makeup. While it is not certifiably high-security, it gives a satisfactory safety worthy of some praise.

It is primarily right-handed. This requires that you take note of your door and how it operates before installing this lock. This will be touched on later.

The lock comes with two keys and it is relatively easy to install. However, it is only to be installed by a specialist, like every other mortise lock. Trying to do it yourself can ruin your door. Its ease of installation just means that it can be done quicker.


  • High security
  • Relatively easy to install
  • Pocket friendly


  • It is right-handed (it has the left-handed version though)

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The Best Mortise Locksets

Before we go into some of the best mortise locksets, it is important to point out a fact. Mortise locksets come in series. Just like Bluetooth that comes in different versions. However, some mortise locksets qualify as some of the best in a whole series. So, for example, a mortise lockset can pass as the best 40h mortise lock, “40h” being a series or version. Some can also pass the best mortise locks 30h or best 45h mortise lock parts, with “30h” and “45h” being two separate series.

Now here are some of the best mortise locksets you can get, regardless of their series:

The top best product [hide]

Hade Lion Keyed Alike Entry Door Lever

Hade Lion Keyed Alike Entry Door Lever
Marks Hardware is known for its quality locks which have received generally good reviews. Not only are they high security, but they are also relatively easy to install. This particular lock is no different.

Resulting from its technical arrangement, the lock provides high security. While it is not a certified high-security door, it gives some level of above-average satisfaction for its price.

It is a mechanical lock, requiring the use of keys and nothing electricity. It comes with two keys and has a right-handed design. This is primarily for right-handed doors. But there is no need to fuss. It also has a left-handed design type for left-handed doors. However, this is the right-handed version. The lock is a good deal and does a good job keeping your apartment secure.

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Defender Security Prime-Line (E2497) Mortise Keyed Lock

Defender Security Prime-Line (E2497) Mortise Keyed Lock
When it comes to a mix of fashion and security, this is a top choice. This mortise lockset by Defender Security mixes aesthetics with security. The best part is its ease of use. Alongside the good security it provides, the lockset uses a lock bolt key. This lock bolt key can be used from both inside and outside. This way, a person with actual access – the key – can open the lock, whether inside or outside.

In terms of aesthetics, the lock is made with a glass knob. This glass knob is a great tool for a fashion statement, particularly if the door is a luxurious one. The glass knob is on either side of the door; the pleasing sight can be seen from either side.

Being a knob, the lock can be installed anyway regardless of the place the door opens too. There is no case of whether it is a right-handed design or a left-handed design. It can be used whether the door opens to the right or opens to the left. Since it uses a lock bolt key, the lock is primarily mechanical. It does not require any electricity to operate. It fits with a 2-3/8” backset.

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Prime-Line (E2495) Mortise Keyed Lock

Prime-Line (E2495) Mortise Keyed Lock
This is another Prime-Line mortise keyed lock similar to the one above. However, there are some slight variations. They pretty much have the same great features to an extent. They have a good aesthetic appeal and provide good security. Also, with the lock bolt key feature which can be activated at both sides of the door, privacy can be achieved alongside security.

In terms of aesthetics, however, this does not have a glass doorknob. Rather, it has a black doorknob that blends with the whole lock. While this is a rather simple design, it is still pleasing, particularly with additional bronze-colored lines. The knob makes both left and right-handed installation possible. The lock can be installed regardless of where the door goes to when opened. As an additional difference, this fits into 1-3/4” and 1-3/8” interior doors.

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Ashata Smart Mortise Lock

Ashata Smart Mortise Lock
Mortise locks come in varieties, and one such variety is the electronic lock. This is a smart mortise lock which also serves as a hybrid lock. It makes use of both electronic and mechanical locks. Hence, while it needs to be powered to function optimally, it can also be operated mechanically.

This mortise lockset gives a wide range of security options, making it a good high-security lock. There is the password option, to which a password is included to unlock the door. There is a fingerprint option for more personal security. There is the card option with which the door can be opened through the appropriate use of the provided card.

Asides these, mechanical keys can be used in the event of a possible power failure. The lock runs on 4AAA powered batteries. This is not included in the product and is to be gotten separately. Accordingly, a specialist will be required to install this. It can well be one of the best 45h electrified mortise locks. However, its mortise lock series isn’t stated. You might need to ask your specialist to be sure.

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Guard Security Gotham Heavy Duty Mortise Attached Lockset

Guard Security Gotham Heavy Duty Mortise Attached Lockset
This mortise lock is one of the unique kinds. It particularly appeals to those who would like to have a mix of ancient looks and modern security. Essentially, the lock is made with an old-time style and design while retaining modern security. It makes use of the skeleton key lock style, with the whole lock having an overall bronze finish; making it quite fashionable. This skeleton lock can also be utilized to increase privacy.

It has a relatively easy installation. Since it uses a knob, it can be installed for left or right-handed use. By virtue of its skeleton key lock style, it is a mechanical lock.

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Mortise Locksets: Buying Guide

mortise locksetsIt has been mentioned that a mortise lockset just refers to a method of installation of a lockset. It does not have to do with the operations or appearance of locksets. Different locksets operating in different ways and having a widely different appearance can still be mortise locksets.

With that said, what is a mortise lockset? Put simply, it refers to a lockset of which its pocket is fixed into the furniture or door that is to be secured. This is done by cutting the door and planting the lock’s pocket in it. Mortise locks are different from cylindrical locks, even though they both operate to make the door secure.

While mortise locks are cut into the door, cylindrical locks are installed by boring holes in the door. Unsurprisingly, cylindrical locks are also known as bored locks.

In any case, mortise locks are numerous. It can be difficult getting the right one for your door. Not getting the right mortise lock can lead to other issues. An example of such an issue is the destruction of your door.

Some factors can help you in getting the right lock when considered. This section is to bring some of these factors your knowledge and why they are important. With this, you would be better equipped to go for lockset shopping.

Types of Mortise Locks

One key factor to have in mind is the type of mortise lock you would like. In determining this, there are some determinants. Are you after security? Are you after aesthetics? Which area do you want more secure?

enerally speaking, there are domestic old-fashioned mortise locks and more modern ones. An example of the modern one is the Euro-style domestic mortise lock. The old-fashioned mortise locks do not have so much to offer. They are appealing to those who would just like to have something ancient. They are less safe than modern ones.

Also, the domestic old-fashioned types are not being mass-produced anymore. So, the range of aesthetics they offer is quite limited, as opposed to modern ones. In all regards, modern mortise locks are better. Unless you are not really after security, or there is a backup security door.

That said, the modern mortise locks still have different kinds. Remember, mortise locksets is more of an umbrella term, just as Android is an umbrella term for smartphones running on an OS. There are mortise locks that are just mechanical locks. Some are high security mortise locks. Some are electronic locks, and some are both mechanical and electrical locks.

Electrical locks are self-explanatory. They require some electrical power to maximally function. Some have an override feature that is usually mechanical. You can read more on electrical mortise locks for their kinds and mode of operation. Mechanical locks, on the other hand, are locks that require the use of keys primarily.

In addition to this, mortise locks operated based on how the door operates as well. Therefore, mortise locks come in right-handed and left-handed designs. Bored locks are the ones that can be installed regardless of how the door operates. However, it is not the case for mortise locks. A door that opens to the left from the outside will require a left-handed designed mortise lock and vice versa. Most mortise locks are outdoor mortise locks, thereby the use “the outside” as a way to find out.

Since mortise locks are mostly installed at the point of entry, how the door opens from outside determines which handed design to be installed. If the door opens inwardly to the left, a left-handed design is to be used. If the door opens inwardly to the right, a right-handed design is to be used.

The Door

As has been mentioned, mortise locks are always cut into the door. To have a mortise lock installed, a part of the door has to be cut out. The pocket of the lock is then placed in that area, and the full lock is installed.

However, the door the lock is to be installed is also another factor to be taken into consideration. Is it a heavy-duty, thereby requiring mortise locks for heavy duty doors? Is it a fancy door, thereby requiring fancy and aesthetically appealing mortise locks? Surely, fixing just any mortise lock to a luxurious door can ruin the door of its appeal. Also, fixing just any mortise lock to a heavy-duty door might not be complementary.

Additionally, some doors generally do not support being cut out. Such doors are better being bored, thereby making bored locks a better option.
In any case, knowing your door and its characteristics can help. This way, you can find the mortise lock that can help boost your security, not ruin it.

Also, in installation, it is important to contact and use the services of a specialist. Particularly, a mortise lock function chart can be of help. Installation requires cutting a part of the door. Done wrongly, the whole door can be ruined. Don’t just choose any specialist, choose a competent one.

If you want to know how to install a mortice lock on an internal door, watch this video:


By now, it would be obvious that mortise locks have a wide range that can be chosen from. This gives room for people with different tastes to explore their preferences. Your taste will be another factor that you should take into account.

Is this a mortise lock’s handle one that is befitting of your preference? A secure lock with aesthetically pleasing handles can bring much satisfaction.


This might have been quite obvious by now. Judging by the vast range of mortise locks, particularly in terms of look and operation, prices will differ. One should have in mind a budget while also looking out to ensure that the lock is worth the money.

Some mortise locks are indeed pricey, while some are pocket friendly. In the end, it is your money to spend.

It should be noted that these factors listed are not all there is. There are some other less conspicuous or less known, but important, factors. And it will be reiterated, do not try to install a mortise lock on your own. It can ruin your door if done wrongly. Contact a specialist. You can also contact a specialist before buying a mortise lock. In addition to these factors, the specialist can bring to your knowledge some other important factors.

Mortise Locksets: FAQs

Do all electronic locks have mechanical overrides?

No, not all of them do. You should check this before buying the lock.

Do all electronic locks require electrical power?

No, not all. Some of them are powered on AAA batteries that need to be changed periodically.

How many keys are to come with mechanical locks?

There is no particular amount. This usually depends on the manufacturer. In most cases, however, they come with at least two keys.

How many keyholes do mechanical locks usually have?

This will depend on the manufacturer and whether the lock was custom-made. However, in most cases, mechanical locks have just one keyhole.

Are all electronic laws remote-powered?

No, not all of them are. You should check the features of the lock to be sure remote-control is included.


Keeping your apartment, office, or some other areas safe should be a priority. Not only to save your valuables from burglars but to also have your privacy intact. Secure doors help in this regard and one way to keep your door secure is through mortise locksets. Continue keeping safe.