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Top 7 Best Respirator for Asbestos (2020 Review)

Top 7 Best Respirator for Asbestos
Removal of asbestos from containing materials is likely to result in airborne asbestos fibers. Even a minuscule quantity of this carcinogen can severely damage the lungs. Possessing a great risk for health, it’s really important to take safety measures from the beginning.

That’s where you’ll need to consider having a respirator mask. There are standards available with regulations to ensure safety. To help you find the right safety appliance, we have the most affordable and reliable choices. In fact, we listed the absolute best respirator for asbestos removal in the article.

Available Types of Asbestos Respirators

While getting the respirator, the first thing to consider is the mask type. Obviously, you can’t compromise your safety and a particular type decides this. To get the best respirators for asbestos, you have different options at hand.

    • Based on Facial Coverage

Full Mask:Regarding asbestos hazards, the safety of the lungs and eyes is of the utmost importance. That’s where a full mask provides the perfect protection. In fact, it ensures safety for almost anything. It includes a large-sized transparent cover with the attached inlet and outlet. Whether it’s a heavy or light hazardous job, a full face mask can induce a satisfactory level of safety. Having short facial hair/beard is quite important to get a comfortable fitting. The visibility remains at its best without any obstructing issue.

Half Mask: For the half mask, you’ll need an additional purchase of goggles or protective eyewear. Not to mention, you will receive the basic respirator here. The frame features inlet and outlet valves with adjusting straps. You can find lots of varieties here in accordance with size, color and performance. Therefore, the mask can’t provide complete protection for the entire face. It is mostly suitable for tasks having less potential hazard. Some models include suitable goggles for the package.

    • Based on Respirator Functionality

Particulate Respirator:It’s indeed the simplest type available with less protective features. In fact, this respirator type offers protective filtration against common dust particles present in the air. It’s more like an air purifier rather than industrial respirators. But it’s not good enough with gas fumes, paint sprays or vapors. When you have a rather low workplace hazard, this particular type should do just fine. Providing the basic filtration system, you’ll access it without spending much.

Gas Mask Respirator:Considering the asbestos hazard, you better choose a gas mask respirator. It’s quite good for chemical fumes and paint sprays, though. The frame features at least two cartridges/canisters for the frontal facepiece/mask. For the cartridge, there is a filter attachment for purifying the air. You’ll need different types of filters while dealing with particular materials. There are straps for positioning the mask on the face from the head.

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

3M Full Face 6800 Respirator Kit

3M Full Face 6800 Respirator Kit

It’s not an easy task to choose the #1 pick among lots of available options. Considering all the factors, the 3M Full Face 6800 Respirator Kit becomes the ultimate winner. Its design is particularly suitable for occupational/industrial applications. Unlike most respirators, this one is a well-balanced and lightweight, full-face mask. Apart from asbestos, the high-end product provides full protection against MDA, mold, lead and many other particulates.

Having a silicone interior, the best respirator for asbestos delivers comfortable and fitting protection. Thanks to its smooth surfaces, it’s no hassle to clean the mask. The featured Cool Flow Valve triggers a consistent airflow regarding a dried comfort. Through optical correction for the large lens, the mask initiates outstanding visibility. With the central adapter, there’s no chance you’ll experience obstructed views with fogging.

Dimensions: 5.1” x 9.4” x 13.5”
Weight: 1.6 lbs
Type: Full Mask
Size: Medium
Material: Silicone
Filter Inclusion: Yes (4)
Reusable: Yes
Greater protection with full face design
Outstanding visibility through large lens
Easier breathing and constant air circulation
Simple cleaning for durable performance
Balanced built initiates perfect facial fit
Integrated straps may slip off

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Respirator for Asbestos: Buying Guide

With lots of varieties, it’s a tricky purchase with the best masks for asbestos removal. Without knowing the important factors, your investment is likely to thrive. You need to remember the key considerations regarding its quality, performance and application.

How to Choose the Right Fitting Size

When it comes to suitability, you have to take the right fitting size into consideration. The fit has to remain secure without any openings. As the manufacturer can’t test for individual faces, it’s your job to find out the fitting shape. It’s important to know how to utilize the straps for making the sealed fit.

Is Adjustability Important?

For an intact fit, it’s also important to check out the adjustability. The integrated straps should lie within easy reach. Full adjustment of the built-in strap is preferable to ensure complete sealing around the exterior. In general, half masks feature one to two straps whereas a full mask can include four to six elastic straps.

How Can I Have the Most Comfortable Mask

Comfort: If the mask isn’t comfortable, you won’t hesitate to take it off over prolonged wear. The most crucial factor contributing to comfort is its weight. In fact, a lightweight respirator is always easy and comfortable to put on. One significant assessment regarding comfort is your unique requirement. A soft nose tip with a convenient exterior will encourage its suitability.

Material: Both durability and comfort highly depend on material quality. There are different materials for producing the best respirator for asbestos removal. The most popular and hygienic ones include neoprene, rubber and silicone. It’s better to choose silicone, thanks to its flexibility and simple cleaning. You have to ensure that the material is fully non-allergic.

How to Know the Respirator’s Efficiency

The cartridges have specific marks with letters and numbers. It’s quite necessary to focus on their meaning. The letters – N, R & P reveals zero, partial & full resistance to oil. With the numbers, the mask efficiency in percentage gets revealed. For asbestos, you shouldn’t look into anything other than the P100 cartridge rating. It’s fully resistant to oil while removing 99.97% of airborne particles and dust.

For more information about respirator for asbestos, watch this video.

The Best Respirators for Asbestos Comparison Table

Product Weight Mask Type Material Eye Protection
Incly Respirator Mask with Goggles 1.0 Half Silicone Yes
GVS SPR457 Elipse P100 Half Mask Respirator 0.4 Half Thermoplastic No
North Safety 770030L Half Mask Respirator 1.1 Half Silicone No
3M 62023HA1-C Professional Multi-Purpose Respirator 1.0 Half Plastic No
PD-100 Full Face Organic Vapor Respirator 1.5 Full Plastic Yes
Safety Works SWX00320 Multi-Purpose Respirator 0.4 Half Other No
3M Dual Cartridge Respirator Assembly 07193 0.5 Half (Large) Plastic No

Incly Respirator Mask with Goggles – Best Goggled Half Mask Respirator

Incly Respirator Mask with Goggles

Enjoy your work with the outstanding Incly respirator mask. The half-faced mask initiates maximum safety against asbestos, chemicals and paints. The multi-purpose cover is suitable for almost anyone.

The included goggles prevent impact, dust or strong wind. Thanks to its high-quality construction, the mask seems to feel good on the face. It allows a free adjustment to have the perfect fit. For the filtration, the moisture and exhaled breath is directed downward.

The durable structure keeps the air fresh while protecting your skin. If you want something for asbestos at a reasonable price, it’s undeniably a great choice.

Protective respirator design serves safety purposes for multiple jobs.
Dual filter cartridges block up to 97% of pollen, dust and organic gases.
Food-grade silicone feels comfortable on skin over prolonged wear.
Dual elasticity for headband allows a free adjustment for positioning.
Elegant design allows no fogging.
Safe breathing with skin comfort.
Reliable protection for particles.
Consistent circulation of fresh air.
Cotton filter falls off quite often.

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GVS SPR457 Elipse P100 Half Mask Respirator – Best Respirator for Airborne Particulates

GVS SPR457 Elipse P100 Half Mask Respirator
With an innovative design, GVS Elipse allows the worker to enjoy a new, safe vision. It’s anatomical construction simply fits over the face regarding comfortable wear. In fact, the low-profile respirator for asbestos has an ergonomic shape and compact size.

Complete sealing around the nose prevents the intrusion of speedy asbestos, fumes, dust and even mist. The synthetic filter blocks the entrance of 99.97% of pollutants. Its unmatched nano-particulate protection ensures hypo-allergenic respiration.

The half-faced mask certainly offers great comfort while maintaining your safety. If you want to deal with solid particulates, it’s an effective and stylish choice.

Ergonomic shape permits a wide view without any google/glass interference.
Close pleating with hydrophobic ensures maximum particulate protection.
Low-profile HESPA P100 synthetic filters are long-lasting and interchangeable.
Soft thermoplastic elasticity initiates easy and quick adjustment of headband.
Light, compact, fully protective design.
Four adjustable positions with a non-slip strap.
Fitting contour matches the face linings.
Comfortable breathing without resistance.
Not suitable for chemicals/paints.

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North Safety 770030L Half Mask Respirator – Best Low-Profile Respirator Mask

North Safety 770030L Half Mask Respirator

The 770030L by North Safety sets a new benchmark of quality for half masks. It’s indeed one of the most effective, reliable and comfortable respirators. The mask comes with a low-profile, compact shape. Without eyewear interference, you can enjoy a wide vision.

Its elegant design provides complete sealing with no pressing points. The overall framework allows little resistance to inhalation and exhalation. Although it ensures fresh air, you’ll require an additional purchase for cartridges.

With this one, maximum comfort and ease prevails without sacrificing the support. When you prefer something durable, you can invest in this mask.

Non-allergic, quite soft silicone delivers excellent sealing and comfortable wear.
Featured cradle suspension system for the mask initiates a perfect facial fitting.
Reduced breathing fatigue, zero fogging through lower circulation resistance.
Compact size, low-profile design gives no interference for additional eyewear.
Lightweight and durable construction.
Easy to breathe with zero resistance.
Improved fitting suspension system.
Soft and protective silicone material.
Strap quality may seem poor.

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3M 62023HA1-C Professional Multi-Purpose Respirator – Best Multipurpose Respirator Mask

3M 62023HA1-C Professional Multi-Purpose Respirator

When it gets to a respirator mask, 3M is arguably the biggest company. Among many others, it sports 62023HA1-C, particularly for occupational/workplace uses. Through effective filtration, the masks for asbestos removal takes out 99.97% of solid and liquid particles.

The elegant design features a sweptback cartridge system. For the drop-down construction, it’s easy to use without compromising safety and comfort. Thanks to its professional build, the mask is suitable for pros in the workplace, except for DIY uses.

The plastic and rubber combo certainly provides satisfactory performance. Unless you have DIY projects, you can go for the multipurpose professional mask.

Full removal of sprays, mold and leads resulting from sealants or coating.
Balanced design offers complete facial sealing with greater visibility.
Superb efficiency in filtration against solid or liquid aerosol particulates.
Built-in cover for exhalation valve reduces the chance of eyewear fogging.
Highly durable, lightweight frame
Premium design for professionals
Maximum protection of visibility
Better comfort with fitting shape
Unsuitable for any DIY project.

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PD-100 Full Face Organic Vapor Respirator

PD-100 Full Face Organic Vapor Respirator

For fully dependable industrial safety, the PD-100 full mask features almost everything you need. The plastic construction includes a silicone gasket. With leading technology, it ensures the utmost reliability for performance. The double filtration allows consistent air circulation without fog.

The powerful, versatile mask simply gives the highest protection for any job. Through five elastic straps, the facepiece induces a perfect and steady fit. Using the built-in diaphragm, it’s easy to communicate with co-workers.

The build provides performance and comfort for multiple applications. If you want to settle down with a professional safety mask, this is a suitable option.

Unique air circulation technique ensures fresh air without fogging.
Amplifying diaphragm initiates sound repetition for effortless communication.
Easy screw on/off system for 3M filters allows quick, simple replacement.
Lightweight design with beautiful appeal includes high-density elastic straps.
Technical content with elegant appeal
Silicone parts for a durable plastic frame
Comfortable and steady fit with five straps
Uninterrupted breathing through valve
Slight problem while breathing deep.

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Safety Works SWX00320 Multi-Purpose Respirator

Safety Works SWX00320 Multi-Purpose Respirator

The multipurpose half mask by Safety Works comes with a patented design. Its compact, low-profile shape brings in a classic appeal. With the soft and perfectly fitting piece, the best face mask for removing asbestos encourages comfortable wearing.

its unique nose tip allows easy, comfortable breathing. The integrated valve for exhalation prevents unwanted fogging on the eyewear. The featured cartridge induces an uninterrupted view. Its design includes a recloseable system to ensure quick, safe storage.

Meeting all the current standards, the multipurpose respirator saves your lungs. When you want complete protection against dust, the respirator can meet your needs.

Classic appeal, as the patented low-profile design comes with modern colors.
Soft, non-allergic material initiates a comfortable, perfectly sealed wearing.
An effective 99.97% removal of paint fumes, asbestos, pesticides and toxic dust.
Integration of compact exhalation valve allows air circulation without fogging.
Excellent design, durable build
Highly effective for multitasking
Clear view with compact fitting
Consistent circulation of air
Not suitable for urethane paint.

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3M Dual Cartridge Respirator Assembly 07193

3M Dual Cartridge Respirator Assembly 07193

Another high-quality 3M respirator comes in a rather large size. The sturdy mask provides greater protection against all common spray paints. Thanks to its lightweight construction, the reasonable size induces a complete sealing for the face.

It’s a great option, particularly for particulates and automotive solvents. When it comes to solvent filtration, it can provide eight hours of service over heavy concentrations. But it gets to 40 hours with light concentration. The assembly is also quite suitable for organic vapor.

It’s a great option against the harmful, polluting spray paints. When you have more things to do with paints, you can definitely place the best here.

Larger mask size offers excellent filtration of solvents and particulates.
Full sealing with perfect fit ensures comfortable, unobstructed wear.
High-quality materials allow easy breath without any fogging issues.
Convenient use through its zero maintenance, fully supportive design.
Larger size with comfortable wear
Excellent service for spray paints
Unobstructed view without fogging
Suitability in automotive industry
Limited durability of cartridges.

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Respirator for Asbestos: FAQs

Do the respirators have an expiration date?

Yes, the respirator mask can expire. Although it’s mostly true with the cartridge filter, not the facepiece.

Should I get N95 or P100 respirators?

For asbestos, you better get P100. When you’re in less hazardous situations, you can use N95.

Is it difficult to breathe through the mask?

Obviously, it’s not like normal breathing. Therefore, it’s important to check out whether you can wear it.

Can I fit a full face mask over eyeglasses?

Using a corrective contact lens, you can fit the respirator over your eyeglasses.


Stop risking your life by breathing in harmful airborne asbestos once and for all while working.
All the choices have their limitations against several handfuls of benefits. Each of the aforementioned ones can deliver the utmost safety with superior comfort. At first, you may face slight problems wearing the best respirator mask for asbestos the whole time, but you surely can improvise. Just match your requirements and consider the flaws. You’ll find any of the picks suitable for your safety.

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