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Top 7 Best Respirator For Silica Dust (2020 Review)

Top 7 Best Respirator For Silica Dust
Many types of workers, especially those in the manufacturing sector, are exposed to unhealthy amounts of silica dust. This dust can be hazardous to your health, and therefore you need to be extra precautious. One efficient and ideal way to protect yourself from silica dust and its side effects is to use respirators. There are lots of types of respirators on the market, and you need to select one accordingly. The following article provides you with helpful tips so you can choose the best respirator for silica dust.

Types of respirators

As mentioned earlier, there is not just one kind of silica dust respirator available. There is a diverse variety of masks and respirators on the market that you get to choose from. In this section, we’ve listed some common types you might come across in the market:


Disposable masks are more suitable for those who are not frequently exposed to silica dust and will be in contact with it as a one-time thing. These masks are made with a medium-large piece that covers both the nose and the mouth and attaches over your ears. They are good for filtering germs, viruses, and multiple types of dust from the air you breathe in. A disposable respirator is different from a dust mask that we usually see in our surroundings. Disposable respirators have a certain rating or label on them, either N95 or NIOSH.

Half-face respirators

Half-face respirators have replaceable filters that cover the larger area of the face down from the eyes, between the nose and the mouth, and below the chin, too. These filters are stronger and therefore remove dust particles more efficiently. They are more suitable for workers who are more in contact with silica.

Full-face respirators

These types of respirators also have replaceable filters, making them more durable and a good choice for long-term use. It’s highly recommended for those who are frequently and extensively exposed to silica dust for longer periods of time. These masks cover the eyes and the whole face down to the chin.

Quarter face respirators

These cover the nose and the mouth, just like disposable masks. However, they have stronger, efficient, and replaceable filters. These make them a price-efficient alternative for those who get exposed to silica every now and then after long breaks and for shorter durations.

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Sundstrom H10-0018 Silica Dust Respirator Kit

Sundstrom H10-0018 Silica Dust Respirator Kit

The Sundstrom silica dust respirator comes as a full kit that requires assembly when it first arrives. The product weighs a total of 2.6 pounds, which is lighter than most respirators on the market. Moreover, the unit also has a highly satisfactory efficiency rating that will not disappoint anyone. With its exceptional quality double exhalation design, it’s also guaranteed to provide minimal air resistance when you are breathing. Furthermore, the whole kit comes in a solid plastic box that can be later used to either securely store the respirator or use the case for other purposes, too. The filter can be used with chemical cartridges, as well as the P100 filter that it comes with. All these features are further enhanced by the comfortable fit of the mask. It has silicone treated insides, with FDA approved materials used for construction that further add to the longevity of the product.

The respirator has a high-efficiency P100 filter.
It has an efficiency rating of 99.997%.
It has a double exhalation design for better air circulation.
Minimum air resistance while breathing with the double exhalation design
A unique face seal design for extra protection
Can be used with different types of filters
Approved by FDA standards
Might require some time for assembly

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Respirator For Silica Dust: Buying Guide

It is important to learn the most about respirators so you can make an informed decision. Without understanding how they work, and what features make them the best, you might end up buying an unworthy product. Therefore, we have listed some important considerations you can make to avoid any troubles during or after the purchase.

How do respirators work?

Simple particulate respirators, which are the ones with replaceable filters and are rated N95, work by filtering out the dust particles from the air you are breathing in. They do this by collecting the germs, particles, and other unwanted particles from the air in the filter. After some time, the filter wears off or becomes clogged, requiring you to replace it. There are other respirators on the market, too. These include filters that chemically filter the air with huge systems that back them. Other filters use clean air from an outside source such as an oxygen tank, rather than working on the air that is naturally around.

How to buy the best respirator

  1. Weight
  2. The weight of the respirator will determine your comfort level. It should not be too bulky to carry around by yourself. Plus, the low weight of the unit will also make it easy to wear it and take it off, too.

  3. Construction quality
  4. The construction quality is one of the prime factors to look for in any product. Respirators are available on the market that are made with FDA-approved, high-quality EVA materials that are resistant to rough and tough usage. These features and construction quality make a respirator worth your money.

  5. Fit
  6. In addition to the weight, the fit of the respirator also ensures comfort. It should fit perfectly around the size of your face, and should also have some extra features for ensuring comfort, such as soft or skin-friendly material on the inside.

  7. Adjustability
  8. Different respirators are used by different people. Therefore, a respirator should not be one fixed size and should offer some level of adjustability.

  9. Duration of usage
  10. When you’re out in the market choosing the best respirator, make sure you are clear with your own personal needs. If you’re not sure about how you will be using the product or what you want from it, then there will be no progress in your hunt for the best respirator. Therefore, check how long you will be using the respirator for, where you will be using it, and how frequently you will be using it. This way, you can decide the type of respirator you need, whether disposable or replaceable.

The Best Respirator For Silica Dust

Aproca Hard Protective Travel Case for GVS SPR457 – Best respirator with multiple sizes

Aproca Hard Protective Travel Case for GVS SPR457

The case is made for all sizes of half masks. It has an all-black, simple yet sleek exterior that is made with high-quality, eco-friendly EVA materials. The case fits the very efficient GVS SPR457 mask, which has an impressive design and exterior, featuring a unique color combination of purple and black. In addition to this, the unit is also semi-waterproof, making it perfect for use in harsh or risky conditions. It will give you great peace of mind as you don’t have to worry about damaging your product.
It is made with EVA and 1680D material.
It can fit small-, medium-, and large-sized masks.
The product is semi-waterproof.
It has a waterproof construction for added durability.
It is made with hygienic, breathable material.
It has a lightweight yet sturdy construction.
No color variety available

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3M Dual Cartridge Respirator – Best respirator for long durations

3M Dual Cartridge Respirator

The 3M dual cartridge respirator is truly one of the best on the market, equipped with an advanced system that is meant to filter the light concentration for up to 40 hours. With high concentrated filtering, the unit can last for up to eight hours. This feature makes the unit suitable for professional workers who are exposed to high levels of silica dust. In addition to this, the filter also comes in a resalable package that can be later used for secure storage. Furthermore, it also has a large size, making it perfect for adults and providing a comfortable fit. It’s a highly recommended product for use in the automotive industry. Another benefit of buying this unit is that it does not require any assembly, making it ready to use upon delivery. The eight ounces of weight of the unit also further makes it extraordinary, since the low weight makes it suitable in terms of comfort and travel-friendliness, too.
It can work for 40 hours in light solvent filtering.
It comes with a resealable package.
It weighs only about 0.66 lbs.
Very lightweight and sturdy construction
Capable of filtering the air for long hours
Very low maintenance
Highly recommended for spray painting workers
Large size, no other size option available

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GVS SPR449 Elipse P100 Nuisance Dust Half Mask Respirator – Best lightweight respirator

GVS SPR449 Elipse P100 Nuisance Dust Half Mask Respirator

The HEPA pleated filters of this respirator make it exceptionally great for ensuring a smooth and resistance-free breathing experience for the user. If you face troubles or find wearing filters uncomfortable for your breathing, this unit will surely solve that problem for you. In addition to this, we also find the exterior of this unit impressive with its unique color theme that will definitely stand out. The filter only weighs 130 grams, which is light and, therefore, really comfortable, too. Another remarkable feature is the construction material. This overall great respirator is made with hypoallergenic material that is soft against the skin and will not cause any marks, scratches, or itching. Therefore, it also proves to be a great product for those who have sensitive skin. In terms of adjustability, too, this unit excels. It has an adjustable headband, making it suitable for different types of people so it can fit easily.
The mask is really light and weighs only 130 grams.
It is made with a thermoplastic material.
The filters are HEPA pleated, allowing them to minimize air resistance.
High-quality HEPA filters
Extremely lightweight
Unique, brightly-colored exterior
Anti-allergenic, soft and safe thermoplastic construction
Only one size and color available

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HXMY Anti-Dust mask – Best full face respirator

HXMY Anti-Dust mask

When it comes to full-scale protection for workers at factories and mines, these goggles and respirator kit will truly stand out. It is one of the most versatile respirators for silica dust on the market, featuring high-quality filters that are easy and quick to replace. Moreover, it is built with lightweight yet sturdy materials that guarantee sturdiness. Another advantage of using this mask is its full silicone build, which adds softness and comfort to the unit. The goggles are also a notable feature of this package. They are made with TPU that is resistant to and withstand shocks and huge impacts. These large-sized respirators and goggles are usable in various situations, such as for spray painting, agricultural use, stone cutting, and general protection from dust, too.
Constructed with advanced silica gel material for added comfort.
The filter weighs about 1.05 pounds.
The goggles are available in a variety of only two color options.
Full face respirator perfect for factory workers
Goggles can be chosen either as colored or transparent
Large size respirator fits anyone easily
Easy to replace filters
Size adjustability option not given

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HXMY Anti-Dust Paint Respirator – Best impact-resistant goggles

HXMY Anti-Dust Paint Respirator

This HXMY product offers a wide range of options to buyers. You can select either the goggles or the respirator, or have both. Moreover, you also get color choices in the goggles. However, the respirator does not have any color variants. The mask is with silica gel that is very gentle on the skin and comfortable as well. If you are working under really tough conditions and often face impact and shocks, then these TPU built goggles will really come in handy. Plus, the goggles also have durable PC lenses that will be good for your vision as well since the PC lenses do not fog. Moving on, the overall unit is good and applicable in situations with spray painting, silica dust, different types of dust particles, and in automotive industries. The filters are easy to replace, and you can buy new filters from the brand along with the kit for future convenience.
It is made with high-quality silica gel.
The goggles feature a TPU construction.
The PC lens of the goggles is resistant to impact.
Impact-resistant, sturdy and durable goggles
Easily replaceable filter
The respirator has a silica gel construction, ensuring a comfortable fit
Versatile variety of choices to choose from
Headband adjustability is limited
No color variety for the respirator

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Yinshome Respirator Mask – best dual filter cartridge respirator

Yinshome Respirator Mask

It is vital for a respirator mask to be non-toxic since it’s going to be in contact with your face for long durations of time. Therefore, this Yinshome mask proves to be a reliable product since it is made with silicone gel and other non-toxic materials that guarantee safety for your skin. In addition to this, the mask comes with detachable goggles, which are transparent in color and are made with durable materials that will withstand impact and extreme working conditions. The overall sturdiness and durability of the product make it suitable for various applications such as mining and welding. Another important feature of this is the warranty that it comes with. This further makes investing in this kit a good option since you can always make use of the warranty to cover any replacement or repair costs. The freely adjustable fit of the mask is also a notable feature.
Dual filter cartridge design allows strong filtration.
It comes with a five-year warranty.
It has detachable goggles.
Detachable goggles and soft pads for cleaning purposes
Backed by a generous warranty
Powerful filtration
Active carbon filtration design for added efficiency
Not available without goggles

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Safety Works SWX00320 Multi-Purpose Respirator – best respirator with resealable packaging

Safety Works SWX00320 Multi-Purpose Respirator

This respirator mask weighs about 1.6 pounds, which makes it a lightweight yet sturdy unit. It has a professional level exterior with strong exhaling outputs and sturdy belts that keep the mask in position. The best part about this efficient mask is that it meets most international standards, such as the NIOSH and OSHA requirements, making it a highly reliable product that everyone can easily invest in. It’s highly recommended for those who don’t want full-face masks and find full-face coverage uncomfortable. It covers the nose area perfectly all the way down to the chin. The highly efficient unit can be used in various situations, even for extremely dangerous gases and dust particles like silica dust, lead, and ammonia.
The respirator weighs about 1.6 pounds.
It comes with an efficiency rating of 99.97.
It comes in resealable packaging.
Resealable packaging ensures ease of storage
Efficient filtration system
Meets NISOH standards
Low-profile cartridges give it a sleek appearance
No size adjustability

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Respirator For Silica Dust: FAQs

What is a powered air purifying system?

These are a type of respirator that uses a unique mechanism to blow air through the head or the helmet of the respirator, which then purifies it, and purified air is blown below the face for you to inhale.

What are self-contained supplied air respirators?

These filters or respirators come with their own tanks of filtered air. These do not use external or impure air and rather depend on an external source of clean air.

Are full face masks better or half-faced?

The choice hugely depends on your personal preferences. Some people do not find full face masks comfortable. However, silica dust can be as harmful to the eyes as it can be for your breathing. Therefore, if the exposure is intense, we recommend full face masks.

Are disposable respirators eco-friendly?

Using the respirators once and then throwing them away can cause a buildup of waste. These are not the most eco-friendly choice on the market and should be avoided, if possible.

How can you tell if the filters need replacement?

Filters usually clog and become worn and dirty when they have reached their limits. Sometimes, while you are using the respirators, the filters stop working. In such conditions, you should immediately get out of the area where there is silica dust.


Considering the damage that extensive exposure to silica dust can cause, respirators are really a necessity. The best respirators should offer you a comfortable fit, along with adjustability that can match your size, too. The article has reviewed some of the best, most popular units on the market, and one of them will surely match your needs.

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