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Top 8 Respirators For Spray Painting (2020 Review)

Doing DIY projects or spray painting your car can be a daunting task with all those chemicals you are inhaling. Fortunately, many high-quality respirators on the market help you filter out all the chemicals that can enter your lungs and cause problems like asthma. Without proper filters, these harmful chemicals can cause allergies and rashes in your airways which result in developing severe breathing problems.

This article is all about the best respirators for spray painting, how they will help you and reviews of the best respirators for painting available on the market.


Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

The Stanley Paint Spray and Pesticide OV/R95 Respirator Mask (RST-64027)

OPARYY Respirator Gas Mask (Respirator +Canister) Widely Used in Organic Gas,Paint Spary, Chemical,Woodworking,Dust Protectio is rated the overall best respirator for spray painting and other tasks due to its high-end features and reasonable price.
It is not only easy to use but is also hypoallergenic which means people with severe allergies can use it with no complications or problems. It consists of silicon and elastomer with zero latex in it, and the overall build of the mask is soft and flexible. This prevents any rashes and sores on the face.

Besides this, the company uses a strategic design with this mask by remembering the facial pressure points during construction. This makes its wearing easy and comfortable and convenient.

The respirator is ergonomic and economic. The best part is the rate of moisture build is zero which makes using it throughout the day very convenient and easy. This also prolongs the life of the filters.

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Respirators For Spray Painting – Buying Guide & FAQ

The main task of a respirator for spray painting is to help you breathe securely and safely. Where most people know these respirators for auto painting and normal painting exist, they are not familiar with how important they are. Or even why they should use it, let alone what kind of features they need for the best protection. In this part of the article, we explain all the features necessary for a respirator for automotive painting and normal painting.

Important Note

To understand when you need a respirator refer to

The first thing you must decide is what chemicals do you want the respirator to filter out. Generally, there are particulate filters and cartridge filters. Both have their separate purposes. If you are dealing with something that has acid gasses, ammonia or organic vapors, then the chemical cartridge is the right one for you but if you are working with mold, fibers, asbestos, pollen, pesticides, allergens, etc. particulate filter is the one for you.

Particulate filters:

These come with disposable masks, but you can also reuse them if you insert replicable filters rather than disposable ones. Approximately these can filter 80 percent of harmful chemicals and particles helped by particulate filters. Plus, they cover your mouth and nose to make sure there is no pathway for the chemicals and particles to enter.

Particulate filters come in different qualities and types. Based on their quality and their filtration ability, the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health rates them differently.

The first thing they come with is a number which means the percentage of particles that the filter captures. For example, if it has a number 97, this means it can filter out 97 percent of particles from the atmosphere.

Besides this, they come with alphabets N, R, P. Each have their own meaning. N stands for Not oil proof, R stands for oil resistant, and P stands for Oil proof.

Chemical cartridge:

This respirator for automotive painting, painting, and sanding has two kinds of filters installed. Both are replaceable and not disposable. The first filter used is a carbon filtering material that absorbs and prevents gasses and particles from entering into the mask. There is a seal on all sides of this carbon filtering to prevent all kinds of harmful particles out. Besides this, dual cartridge masks have both carbon filters and particulate filters.

These masks come in two types, one covers the nose and the mouth of the user solely to protect the user from inhaling any harmful gas and the other mask covers the entire face. This mask prevents the user not only from inhaling harmful particles but also keeps them from irritating the facial skin.


Some of the frequently asked questions that can help you get your facts straight regarding respirator for spray painting and respirator for automotive painting are:

When should I change the filter?

A few parameters will help you in deciding whether it is time to change the filter or not. The first one is the smell. You are not supposed to smell anything while having the respirator for spray painting on if you smell anything or find slight irritation in your nose or lungs, it is time to change your filter.

The second parameter is ease in breathing, the moment you feel there are clogs in the filter and you must breathe harder to get enough oxygen, it indicates that you must change your filter whether it is replaceable or disposable.

How should I take care of the filters?

With proper care, the life of your filters can be extended. The first thing you must do is keep them away from moisture. Once the filter gets wet, whether it is a replaceable filter or a disposable filter, it is of no use anymore, you must change it.

The next thing is to follow the instructions. If you don’t follow the instructions and add the filter in a wrong way or damage the filter while inserting it, your filter will be rendered useless if this happens. If the filter breaks or has a hole, don’t use it.

Moreover, all filters should be safety approved, you can check more about safety standards here.

The Best Respirators For Spray Painting

We have compiled a list of top 8 best respirators for spray painting. Their reviews are as follows.

OPARYY Respirator Gas Mask (Respirator +Canister)

OPARYY Respirator Gas Mask (Respirator +Canister)

Made of high quality rubber, the breathing mask is non-toxic, soft, comfortable, durable, safe and healthy.
Powerful filtration and venting.
Good firming – the mask is close to the skin.
Adjustable belt
Wide range of applications
Not always easy to fit.

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2Pcs Gas Proof Active Carbon Mask

2Pcs Gas Proof Active Carbon Mask

7 in 1 Complete Suit
The Dust Masks are made of high-quality rubber, anti-aging, prevent allergy, durable, easy to clean.
Easy to breathe
Wide Application
Good Tightness
Need to change filter every 45 minutes

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Organic Vapor Full Face Respirator Mask

Organic Vapor Full Face Respirator Mask

Made of high-quality rubber, anti-aging, prevent allergy, durable, easy to clean.
Adjustable headband design for a firm fit and tightness.
The mask uses a dual filtration system that provides reduced respiratory resistance.
Widely Applicate to protect from organic gases and vapors, such as benzene, aniline, carbon tetrachloride, nitrobenzene, chloropicrin, chlorine, acetone, alcohol, carbon disulfide, carbon trichloride, bromomethane, nitroalkane, etc.
Easy to Clean.
Dot not recommended to wear glasses when wearing a mask.

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Yunge Full Face Respirator Gas Mask For 6800 Painting Spraying (15 in 1)

Yunge Full Face Respirator Gas Mask For 6800 Painting Spraying (15 in 1)

Silicone faceseal for greater comfort and durability
Complete kit comes ready to use
Large facepiece lens
Lightweight, balanced design
Great for filtering small dusts
Only gray colore
Qiute heavy

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Yangstone Full Facemask Respirator Set

Yangstone Full Facemask Respirator Set

This mask is completely equivalent to 6800 comprehensive protection function
Full Facepiece Respirator
Large lens for wide field of view
Lightweight, balanced design
Silicone faceseal for greater comfort and durability
Filter box and cotton filter are not included

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3M 7162 Full-Facepiece Spray Paint Respirator – Organic Vapor

3M 7162

This full face organic vapor respirator is convenient and protects the eyes with the airways, nose, and lungs of the user. It uses cartridges and filters that can be changed and replaced when required. The respirator comes with a face piece that is reusable and can be changed as well if it breaks. Besides this, it also comes with cartridges and face pieces that can be used when old ones need changing.
It has an anti-fogging facepiece
Even with glasses, mask sealing is not a problem
The organic vapor cartridges even stop the pepper spray and tear gas
It seals with ear muffs and protection
For some people with a large face, it is difficult to fit

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Safety Works SWX00320 Multi-Purpose Respirator

SWX00320 Respirator

This multi-purpose respirator made its way to the best respirator for spray painting list due to its flexibility and patented seal which makes sealing more efficient and easy. The respirator is made, so it does not hinder the view of the user and the best part is that it does not weigh a lot.
It meets all the safety standards by OSHA and NIOSH
The flexible nature causes no sore spots on the face
It can be used with almost all the toxic chemicals
It is very comfortable to wear
For people with a big jawline and beard, it is difficult to fit

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Stanley Paint Spray & Pesticide OV/R95 Respirator Mask (RST-64027)


This mask is specifically made to be hypoallergenic. With proper research, the company mastered the pressure points of the face to make a mask that will not feel uncomfortable even if it is worn all day long. This respirator complies with all the safety standards. The materials used for the construction are elastomer and silicon for allergenic people.
It is hypo-allergenic
The facial pressure points were taken in regard during construction
Approved by NIOSH
Breath exhalation is fast
For some people, the nose area is small

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GVS SPR451 Elipse P100 Half Mask Respirator, Small/Medium


This reasonable and limited-edition respirator for spray paint is flexible, light and comes in different sizes according to the facial features of the user. Plus, the flexibility of the respirator allows it to adapt to the face of the user. It has low resistance for breathing and keeps the moisture build-up to a minimum.
It has a non-slip strap you can adjust at 4 positions
It is very comfortable and easy to wear
The product is flexible and lightweight
Covers the mouth and nose area and still does not hinder the vision
The strap that goes above the user’s head can be uncomfortable

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3M Dual Cartridge Respirator Assembly 3M 07193

3M 07193

This is not a simple respirator rather it is a combination of the solvent respirator and particulate respirator. The filters used in it work fine for as long as 40 hours when working with mild solvents, but with heavy, concentrated solvents, the filters need changing after 8 hours. The carbon filter is used on the inside, and the particulate filter is used on the outside.
It comes with extra filters
Comes in a medium and large size
It is highly recommended for automotive painting
The filtration process is two-stage
The smell of the respirator itself is very plastic like

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Breath Buddy Respirator Mask

Breath Buddy Respirator Mask

This professional yet reasonable respirator mask can protect your lungs from many fumes and allergens. It has low resistance to breathing which makes inhaling and exhaling easier. The respirator stays cool by quickly getting rid of the exhaled breath. It also keeps the moisture out and gives a crystal-clear vision in the glasses that come with it.
Comes with powerful filters and a pair of eye protection glasses
Fits ideally on all facial types
Any organic vapors cannot penetrate the filters
Uses both particle filters and cartridges
The instructions that come with the respirator are complex

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3M 65021HA1-C Household Multi-Purpose Respirator

3M 65021HA1-C

This high-quality, multi-purpose respirator provides easy breathing and guarantees the filtering of 99.9 percent of particles, aerosols, and allergens. Whether the particles are from gas or from solvents, the respirator filters them completely from the air reaching the lungs of the user. It is approved by NIOSH and is a dual cartridge respirator which means it uses a chemical cartridge and a particulate respirator.
It is not expensive
They guarantee 99.9 percent removal of particles and solvents
It is easy to breathe in
Perfect for use at home
The respirator is slightly difficult to clean

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3M Paint Project Respirator

3M Paint Project Respirator

This respirator is specifically for use with paints like spray paints and automotive paints. It is not only lightweight but is also very flexible and easily fits around the face making it easy to wear all day long. It comes in a medium and large size for different facial types. It is a half respirator and does not cover the eyes, but unlike some respirators, it does not hinder the vision either.
You can also use it for other tasks besides painting
It comes in different sizes
Filters almost all the particles, the user smells nothing
Fast release of exhaled breath and moisture
You cannot use it for protection against chemical weapons

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Spray paint respirators, or respirators are very important when working with aerosols, allergens, paint or solvents as the chemicals used in them can severely damage your insides. In this article, the best respirators for spray painting and other tasks have been listed for your ease. All the mentioned respirators are reasonable and high-quality with the top of the line features.

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