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Top 8 Best Winter Work Gloves (2020 Review)

Best winter work gloves

Winter is a tough season for most outdoor jobs as it can get freezing cold. Besides, it’s really easy to get soaking wet too. Thus, an important part of working in the winter is finding the right equipment. Although the requirements might vary there’s one thing that everyone who works outdoors in the cold conditions needs: a good pair of gloves. The best cold weather work gloves are waterproof, comfortable and warm. So, in this article we’ll try to discover the following:

  • Pros and cons of every pair of winter gloves that we’ve chosen for this list;
  • Best winter work gloves from different manufacturers;
  • Our top pick.

When we’re done with our comparison, you’ll hopefully be able to choose the best pair of winter gloves for you.


Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

CLC Custom Leathercraft 125M Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves

CLC Custom Leathercraft 125M

  • Made of synthetic leather in the USA;
  • Shrink-resistant which makes them great for outdoor jobs;
  • Very flexible: no restraint for you while doing the job;
  • Two sizes: so you’ll definitely find a fit for you.

This pair of gloves is at top of our list rating-wise. Also, we actually think that it’s quite easy to see why. It offers an attractive price for an otherwise pretty premium looking pair. The fingertips are provided with the tree touch screen technology, allowing to use your smartphone without removing the gloves. The other important features are:

  • Shrink resistance. Synthetic leather provides toughness and resists hardening. The gloves are perfect for works in wet conditions;
  • Designed for cold weather;
  • No slipping off. The gloves will never slip off from your hand due to a special wing closing strap.
  • High flexibility. The panels of Lycra and spandex improve dexterity and allow you working without restraint.
  • High snag proof. You will have no troubles with snagging due to a concealed inner stitching.

CLC tops our list of best winter work gloves for its functionality and quality. The manufacturer has a rich experience of over 30 years and is well known for its dedication to craftsmanship, innovation, and quality. CLC winter work gloves are designed for such types of work as plumbing, carpentry, basic utility and automotive. As the reviews show, the product is completely flawless. It is durable, convenient to use and provides effective work.

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Winter Work Gloves – Buying Guide & FAQ

Undoubtedly, for the people who work in cold temperature know how important the good winter gloves are. These means protect hands from the aggressive environment and can help to significantly reduce the risk of skin injuries.

Moreover, it is essential that winter work gloves meet all the production requirements and conditions of use. People engaged in low-temperature work and driving, production, construction. Or even if they are performing some other types of job (deforestation, snow clearing, mountain climbing, winter gardening, etc.) there is a vital necessity to use this type of winter protection. Furthermore, winter gloves will not only protect hands from scratches, minor injuries, etc., but they also protect the wearer from the effects of low air temperatures.

What are the main types of winter work gloves?

Working in conditions that are below zero is already a challenging task. Thus, the fiber composition is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing the right winter work gloves. The material usually depends on the purpose of use. The most popular fiber is cotton and double cotton with light or dense lining. Working winter gloves mittens can be also produced of artificial fiber or felt. Gloves for active work are generally manufactured from artificial fiber and are intended to be used when a person’s core temperature is rising. Cotton gloves insulated with artificial or natural fur are better for less active people. For example, it is a perfect option for fish boats, driving specialized equipment in winter, etc.

Some models are made of natural or semi-woolen threads. The manufacturers of these protective means consider all the latest production technologies to counter thermal factors. Winter working gloves types differ in their application. Depending on the conditions of use, you should pay attention to textiles:

  • If you work at low temperature and no precipitations, you should give preference to lined winter gloves or mittens with wool insulation.
  • Besides frost, if you have direct contact with water, choose gloves on a knit nitrile or similar basis.

Warning! When choosing winter work gloves, you need to pay attention to the technical characteristics marked by the manufacturer. The product should be allowed to use at low temperatures.

What conditions are suitable for winter work gloves?

If there is no direct threat of skin injury, and there is no possibility to contact with water, you can give preference to tarpaulin products with refractory impregnation. However, if there is a minimal possibility of mechanical damage and damp conditions, it is recommended to use gloves made of double-woven cotton fiber. Such technology offers protection from frostbite when the temperature drops to -40°C.

If your activity is associated with a risk of skin damage (cuts, abrasions, punctures), then the most matching option is the product made of leather silicone. This natural material is extremely durable. Moreover, it is produced by removing the leather front layer with an abrasive surface. Such gloves are usually made with lining.

According to the consumer reports, the most popular are combined work gloves based on cotton fiber. The matter is that outdoor activities in winter are not always predictable. So there are several models designed for snow removal and for wood chopping. Also, these universal models usually include latex rubber. Such material is of great demand in the case of industrial accidents and other emergencies. These mittens can be used in damp condition and with non-toxic chemicals, while the soft lining protects your hands from frost.

If there is a risk of toxic chemicals, it is strictly recommended to use gloves containing polyvinyl chloride. If you work in an aggressive chemical environment at low temperature, use gloves with a nitrile coating. This organic substance is dense and very durable in its properties. Today this resistant material is widely used for protective means manufacturing.

Depending on the specifics of the work performed, you can choose lightweight single-layer work gloves or a double-layer nitrile coating mittens. According to the degree of water and chemical resistant treatment, the gloves can be semi- and fully processed.

How to choose the best matching winter work gloves?

Choose your winter work gloves carefully. The product must match the size of your hand, otherwise, as reviews show, your discomfort will be more noticeable than your protection.

When choosing the gloves, pay attention to the softness of seams and cuffs, if any. The cuffs are very necessary for active work when the gloves have a risk of slipping from your hand.

You can choose warm gloves with gaiters or with an elastic band. Gaiters are very convenient and add safety to the product. If you work with chemicals, your skin should be fully protected under your clothes. About the gloves with bands, they are tightly attached to the wrist and no water, snow or chemicals can penetrate inside your glove.



Youngstown Glove 03-3450-80-S Waterproof Winter Plus Gloves

Youngstown Glove 03-3450-80-S Waterproof Winter Plus Gloves

These are best waterproof cold weather work gloves created to keep your skin warm and dry in cold conditions. The product is produced of a Thinsulate with a micro-fleece liner and water-resistant and breathable membrane. It is provided with an anti-slip reinforcement on fingers and palm for perfect durability and grip.
Intended to active work;
Matches the temperature from 45 to 0 F;
Can deal with ice and snow;
Has a reliable Velcro closure.
Protects from wind, frost, and water;
Snug fit;
Is suitable both for winter work and sports;
Thin but warm.
Is not suitable for heavy rains;
Has no clip to keep the pair together.

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Dewalt DPG748L Cold Weather Performance, Large

Dewalt DPG748L Cold Weather Performance

These gloves can be quite rightly called best winter work gloves for men. Besides, they are made of Nylon and Acrylic and are ideal for numerous winter activities: power and hand tools, construction, shoveling, DIY projects, general use, etc. The product also has a double stitching thread, which is wind and waterproof. The palm and fingertips have overlays of synthetic leather. Also, they have an extremely strong saddle overlay and convenient extended cuff makes this model a perfect option for all the winter activities.
Made of Nylon (60%) and acrylic (40%);
Wind and waterproof;
Durable double stitching.
Very light and friendly to your skin;
Great fit;
Very warm;
Velcro strap prevents snow from getting inside the glove.
A bit bulky;
Some customers report that the size is too small.

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Ironclad CCG2-04-L – best Cold Condition Gloves

Ironclad CCG2-04-L best work gloves for winter

f we’re going to talk about the best work gloves for dexterity – then, this model is the perfect option for you. It delivers warmth, comfort, and dryness. The product is suitable for all the tasks where precision is so necessary for the cold season. It is perfect for vehicle operation, tool use, hunting, fishing, and other activities.
Made of synthetic leather and Neoprene;
Manufactured in China.
Good palm reinforcement;
Warm enough;
Windproof and have good general protection.
Runs small;
Some customers report of a not so good dexterity;
Too long fingers.

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Superior Winter Work Gloves – Waterproof and Insulated Work Gloves for Cold Weather Conditions (Thinsulate – 66BFTLWT)

Superior Winter Work Gloves
The model is ideal if you need the best winter work gloves for construction work. These gloves also have a Thinsulate lining keeping your hands warm and a cowhide exterior protecting your skin from scrapes in cold conditions. There is a polyurethane layer between the outer and inner layers protecting hands from water and wind. The gloves are puncture resistant (ANSI 3) and the customer reviews let us call this product the best leather work gloves in our list.
High frost resistance;
Water- and windproof;
Perfect grip;
Snug fit;
Puncture resistant.
Suitable for both men and women;
Very warm;
Reliable even for heavy rains;
Very durable and universal.
Some customers report of hanging threads;
Too thin.

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Men’s HydraHyde – Perfect Insulated Split Leather Winter Work Gloves

Men's HydraHyde Insulated Split Leather Winter Work Gloves
The best waterproof warm work gloves are certainly the Mens’ Hydrahyde, which are manufactured by Wells Lamont. The leather undergoes a special tanning process and ensures both water resistance and breathability. These gloves stay dry and soft after working in damp conditions, so your hands feel comfortable and protected. Thinsulate layer retains heat and fleece inside the glove brings a cozy feeling to your skin.
Very lightweight;
Made of cowhide leather;
100 gr. Thiosulfate insulation;
Good for construction.
Lightweight and comfortable;
Offers good frost protection;
Very good fit;
Perfect waterproof features.
Some reviewers report a poor durability;
Poor insulation.

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Mechanix Wear – Best FastFit Insulated Winter Touchscreen Gloves

Mechanix Wear - FastFit Insulated Winter Touchscreen Gloves
Another example of best warm work gloves but this time it’s perfect also for Mechanics wear. This model is insulated, very light and easy to pull on due to a comfortable neoprene cuff. Its Softshell exterior makes it easy to work in windy and frosty conditions. And synthetic touchscreen capable leather allows you making numerous tasks without pulling off your gloves.
Light and comfortable;
Made of synthetic leather and neoprene combined with Softshell™;
Touchscreen compatible.
Very light and flexible;
Allows make precise tasks;
Easy to use and fit;
Made of durable water-resistant materials.
Not so warm as some people suppose;
Some people report of low durability.

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CLC Custom Leathercraft L123L Workright Cold Weather Insulation Flex Grip Work Gloves

CLC Custom Leathercraft L123L Workright Cold Weather Insulation Flex Grip Work Gloves
These gloves have a unique combined structure and are made of PU, Polyester, Nylon, Foam, Synthetic leather and PVC. Its middle layer is made of Thinsulate™ for high windproof and heat-saving properties. The product is shrink resistant and is excellent for most intensive outdoor jobs.
Windproof and shrink resistant;
Designed for winter conditions;
Manufactured of PU, Polyester, Nylon, Foam, Synthetic leather and PVC.
Warm and flexible;
Made of durable materials;
Excellent fit.
Not waterproof;
Some Amazon reviewers are not satisfied with durability.

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Heritage Winter Work Gloves

Gloves for cold weather work
Heritage gloves are well known among the people working outdoors as the best winter work gloves for electricians. Warm Thinsulate layer and a soft lining, strong goatskin leather and a waterproof barrier – all these features make consumers choose these gloves despite its relatively high price.
Designed of goatskin leather;
Breathable hipora barrier;
Thinsulate insulation;
Touchscreen friendly.
Extremely durable;
Perfect grip;
Really waterproof;
Much warmer than other models.
Some customers report its bulky;
There are also notes about poor durability.

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Our pick

Best winter work gloves construction
Our top pick, even though it’s rather difficult to choose the best option among such a great variety of models. Still, the CLC Custom Leathercraft 125M appeared to be most popular among the customers and has the highest rating on Amazon and other platforms. The product ensures reliable shrink resistance, provides perfect flexibility and functionality. Although some customer report of low durability, it doesn’t influence the general rating.

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In this article, we’ve reviewed our top 8 best winter work gloves and chosen the best out of this list. We hope our small research will help you make the right choice for your definite situation and conditions. The best work gloves, if chosen properly, will protect your hands from frost, dampness, physical damage and chemicals causing allergic reactions. Another important point is that not all the winter gloves are suitable for electrical works: please take it into account!

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