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6 Best Work Gloves For Construction Work (2020 Review)

Work Gloves for ConstructionConstruction and repairs are difficult tasks to deal with. They require specific skills, knowledge, and equipment to be safe during the process. One such thing is work gloves and sometimes selecting the best pair is somewhat tricky. In this article you will find out:

How to choose work gloves for construction?

What identifies a good product?
What you should pay attention to.
The best work gloves you can find.


Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Mechanix Wear Work Gloves

Mechanix Wear – Material4X Original Gloves

  1. The gloves guarantee a secure fit and hold thanks to the Thermal Plastic Rubber closure.
  2. aterial4X microfiber makes them durable and wear resistant.
  3. This is a washable product; thus you can easily clean dirt or dust off them.

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Why is it the best purchase?

Generally, people select these gloves because they predominately have positive reviews with the highest points. They are incredibly functional and durable gloves. Thanks to the unique materials they are made from, you can expect a long service life even with extensive use.

Mechanix Wear has proved itself as comfortable construction wear. TPR hook and loop provide the secure fit, which is definitely essential during the workflow to keep your hands clean and safe. The velcro strap on the wrist keeps the dirt or brush away from your skin.

The gloves are universal and can be used for different situations, whether it is construction, mechanical works, chainsaw work, factory, etc. The secure hold helps while working with small elements without losing them from the hands. They outlast standard gloves regarding times. The high-quality materials they are made from will save you money and time that you would spend looking for another pair.

Work Gloves for Construction Buying Guide & FAQ

The benefits and use of work gloves cannot be overestimated. Sometimes, people do not implement them in their workflow, because they say it is not comfortable. But modern technologies are providing excellent decisions and solutions for these issues. Now it is not only comfortable on the wearer’s hands, but you can also work with small objects with precise accuracy.

The reviews we have based this chart upon shows that all of these construction gloves are durable, of high-quality, fit and hold perfectly and are suitable for any kind of manual work.

What identifies as a good product?

It is rather difficult to give a full answer to any case. Typically, the most important point here is a comfort, which is an individual characteristic. The first thing that identifies as good gloves for a constructional worker is their quality. When searching the browser for quality, you should pay attention to the information in the description. Previously People considered leather to be the best and the most durable material, whereas nowadays it is not among the top material preferences anymore.

Modern materials and technologies stand out as a great tool to develop robust, durable, and reliable gloves for various needs. For instance, Mechanix Wear provides TrekDry material in gloves to keep hands cool and comfortable regardless of the sphere of an industry that you work in.

What you should pay attention to

If you are looking for gloves, the color and design is the last thing to mention. You should consider examining the size, features, materials, and reviews of the particular products for protection. These tips will clarify the whole picture to make your choice easier. Some manufacturers provide waterproof and windproof inner membranes to keep hands dry in cold or wet conditions. It can be a highly beneficial feature for people who primarily work outside. Today we have an endless choice, but you need to think over the aim of why you are buying the gloves as well:

  • Reinforced gloves are good but can sometimes be clumsy;
  • Dexterous jobs require rubber palm, but they are not tough all the time;
  • Some cuts and textures fit specific specialized work but are not comfortable for others.

The best work gloves you can find

The best work gloves should provide you with the comfort and freedom of movement. You should feel that hands are entirely safe, and that sharp item, dirt or other objects won’t hurt you. Work gloves should fit your needs and are able to protect your hands from cuts, punctures, bruising, blistering, water, chemicals, temperature conditions, electricity and so on.

Pro tips about the work gloves

Be sure that you acquire the right size of gloves because working long-hours in tiny or too loose on you are not comfortable and it can be dangerous (link). It is especially important if your occupation requires accuracy in your movements. Some manufacturers offer further decisions for various tasks, such as the fingerless or half-finger glove, textured rubber grip, and touchscreen pads.

The Best Work Gloves for Construction

Youngstown Glove Waterproof

Water and windproof inner membrane

Can be used outside

Triple layer technology

Mechanix Work Gloves

Comfortable fit and stronghold

Machine washable

Durable and tear resistant material


Handyman Work Gloves

Shrink resistant

Best winter work gloves construction



As we have mentioned, the #1 product among gloves is Mechanix Wear. But there are also many other options, which may interest you. Are you short on time? Check out our product table below to find out which product we liked best:



Mechanix Wear – Material4X Original Gloves


Mechanix Wear - Best Work Gloves


  • Comfortable fit and stronghold;
  • Machine washable;
  • Durable and tear resistant material.

These gloves are rated as the best product with several benefits. Thanks to the form-fitting TrekDry material, they provide comfort while working. They are made of seamless Material 4X microfiber for higher abrasion resistance. It also guarantees long service life even in the hardest conditions. It is also an advantage that the gloves can be washed in a machine.

  Strong and durable;
  Excellent hold;
Wrist-grip lives for a month;
Tight on the middle finger.

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Youngstown Glove Waterproof


Youngstown Work Gloves


  • Water and windproof inner membrane;
  • Can be used outside;
  • Triple layer technology.

These work gloves are in second place in our list. We consider them as the best gloves for construction work in the rain thanks to the inner membrane, as your hands will be dry in cold and wet conditions and in winter. They are made from high-quality microfleece liner, special membrane, and a form-fit outer shell. It merges into triple layer technology for durable wear.


Keep hands warm and dry;
Strong enough;
Excellent for adverse weather conditions.
Sometimes liners are not attached;
Poor tactility on severe cold.

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Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves

Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves

  • Shrink resistant;
  • Best winter work gloves construction;
  • Flexible.

Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves are a comfortable, functional, and extremely durable product. Their technology allows use in cold weather and in the winter, but your fingers will still be warm. It makes them the best winter work gloves for construction work. Flexibility guarantees they won’t tear apart during extensive use so you can work in them for a long time. It should be mentioned that they look quite stylish.

Stronghold on the wrist;
Cold weather insulation.
The material isn’t soft;
Not good for heavy-duty tasks.

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Carhartt Men’s Grain Leather Work Gloves with Safety Cuff

Carhartt Leather Work Gloves

  • 100% genuine leather;
  • Washable;
  • Knuckle protection.

These are time-proven work gloves for different needs and all kinds of tasks. Carhartt men’s gloves are made of 100% leather, which is durable and robust material by itself. Therefore, you will receive an excellent product and a fantastic performance. There is a safety cuff for knuckle protection and side vent to take them on or put off the hands easily. Best insulated work gloves for construction.

Great for different work.
Mostly for light work;
The leather is too soft.

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Ironclad Heavy Utility Work Gloves

Ironclad Heavy Utility Work Gloves

  • Duraclad reinforcement;
  • Washable;
  • TPR protection.
The Ironclad work gloves is a durable decision for difficult everyday tasks and the best protective gloves for construction work. They own great tactile feel and dexterity. It stands for more accuracy in your movements when working with small elements. The material they are made of has proved itself as the most durable one available for today. A perfect performance in various spheres.

Suitable for heavy work;
Rubberized knuckle protection;
Secure and stronghold.
Last for a couple of weeks;
Sometimes slippery.

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G & F Rubber Latex Coated Work Gloves

Latex Coated Work Gloves

  • 100% cotton;
  • Good gripping palm;
  • Suitable for various tasks.
These G&F rubber latex gloves are the perfect example of the simple, but the extremely useful tool to keep readily available. The manufacturer provides users with a strong grip and the durability of the materials they are made from. The coated work gloves are suitable to wear in warm places as they breathe. Workers love them thanks to the comfortable fit and stronghold.

Textured grip;
Simple in use.
Melt together at high temperature;
Color hands after extensive use.

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Our top pick: Mechanix Wear work gloves

Mechanix Wear work gloves
The quality, durability, 5-star reviews, and the price of these gloves shows that people are highly satisfied with their choice. Achieving this position was possible thanks to the innovative technologies and materials. Moreover, they are universal and can be used in different spheres and for both light and heavy tasks.

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In this article, we have described the top six best work gloves for construction work has provided you with some interesting and useful tips about how to choose gloves, what to pay attention at. Deciding which pair to buy you and you should already know about the best options available. Remember that high-quality of the product is the forming factor of your satisfaction.

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