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Top 6 Best Work Shorts (2020 Review)

Top 6 Best Work Shorts
While at work, you may want to put on something comfortable, yet safe. The purpose of this is to make sure you do your work without difficulties. This means you need the perfect gear for work. With the introduction of work shorts, it is possible to work better and easier, especially if you are a tradesman, electrician, and so on.

Having considered the relevance of work shorts as an important gear for work, here is a review on the best work shorts 2020. These shorts below are quite the value for your money. There is also a buying guide to help with the selection process.

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Wrangler Authentics Men’s Premium Cargo Short

Wrangler Authentics Men’s Premium Cargo Short

These shorts are clearly one of the best work shorts to use out there judging by its design. It has a classic cargo style, which makes it highly preferred more than any other work shorts. No doubt, buyers are often interested. Wrangler’s relaxed fit and quick access storage makes it suitable for all kinds of odd jobs, such as construction, repairers, and so on. Thus, it is versatile.

A particular feature seemingly great on this pair of shorts is the relaxed seat and thigh, as this ensures comfort and convenience. This means there is no need to worry about slim-fitting shorts because it holds well on the skin. In fact, it even sits perfectly at the natural waist. All of these factors make it the overall best work shorts to use.

100% cotton twill material
Button closure
Heavy-duty zipper fly
10-Inch Inseam
4 cargo flap pockets
2 back flap pockets
2 slash pockets
Clearly, the most versatile work shorts to use
Perfect fit for both men and women
Great hold on the skin
Comfortable, durable and convenient
Too many pockets – seems to be a little too much
Sizing issues may ensue
Seems longer than described

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Work Shorts: Buying Guide

Here is a buying guide to know what kind of work shorts to go for. Without this guide, it would be impossible to know what would look best or be suitable for you for work.


The first factor to consider is the material and its quality. Work shorts are available in different kinds of materials, but the most commonly used one is cotton. This is to ensure a breathable space. A work short needs to be convenient, and the material has a lot to do with that.
Also, the material is responsible for the construction of the shorts. As far as what can be told, there are lightweight work shorts as well as heavy-duty work shorts. Each of these differ on the quality of materials used in making them. However, they could share similar materials and vary in combination; for instance, cotton + nylon and cotton + polyester. Nevertheless, these shorts are always suitable to work with.


Most people often consider durability when selecting any product of their choice. Work shorts aren’t left out either. In order to pick the perfect shorts for work, durability has to be considered because it determines longevity. Definitely, the user would want to use it for a long time without having to worry about replacing it; if not durable, such a person would need to make an entire budget for just shorts only.
Interestingly, top brands like Carhartt and Dickies manufacture durable work shorts. The materials used in making these shorts are perfect; hence, they ensure durability and quality use. In essence, durable work shorts is important.


Just as the material is important, so is the size. The size of anything means it would be a perfect fit on the user regardless of the brand or color. Thus, the size of work shorts is also very important in this guide. It allows people to pick what would fit them perfectly without having to adjust or make some changes.
Naturally, work shorts aren’t too much to wear, but there is something called a relaxed fit. This means the short would hold well on the skin as well as on the natural waist without falling off. There are different sizes for both men and women, and choosing your size matters.


Clearly, one thing been described all along is the comfort of the work shorts. They need to be comfortable and convenient to wear. Since they have been designed for work, it means you may not be having an easy day but you should have an easy time doing it. The kind of gear you wear to work is very important because it determines how productive you would be for the day; hence, breathable and comfortable work shorts are needed.
Many of these shorts have breathable spaces to ensure comfort all day long.

Practical Design Details

The very obvious thing people see in work shorts is the design. Firstly, shorts are not pants; not only because of their length but also in comfort and design. Pockets are extra features in shorts, which makes them lovable. Every brand has a number of pockets they add to their shorts, and it could be anywhere, i.e., back, side, flip, etc.
However, the most common one is the Cargo style pockets. This makes it easy to access and store a lot of tools and devices like phones, pens, torches, etc. While shorts store these basic tools, time is saved going back and forth to storage. In essence, practical design details are important considerations for any work shorts, especially construction shorts.

Professional Look

While there are carpenter work shorts and the like, there are also professional shorts for work. This actually depends on the kind of place you work and the kind of dressing standards set in the place. Therefore, you need to be able to figure out if the shorts have a professional look or not before you buy them.
If you are not a construction worker, you don’t need professional shorts; on the other hand, a professional doesn’t need construction work shorts. Although there could be similarities in the design and nature of material, the difference is always obvious.


Most work shorts for men are often versatile – which is a good thing. This means you can wear it anywhere or for any job. This is a good yardstick for choosing shorts to wear. For instance, you may not want to put them on for just work (especially if it is not designed for heavy-duty), so you can wear them casually.
Indeed, versatility is a consequential factor in this guide.

The Best Work Shorts

Having considered the factors in the buying guide, below is a review of the top six work shorts to wear. Each of them comes with descriptions, specifications and pros and cons.

Carhartt Men’s 10” Canvas Work Short: Best for Hot Weather

Carhartt Men’s 10” Canvas Work Short: Best for Hot Weather

Unarguably, Carhartt is one of many brands that has contributed immensely to the clothing industry. It has produced so many fashion items, including these Canvas work shorts. This pair of shorts is the best work shorts for hot weather considering its lightweight design. Carhartt’s short has quite a number of designs, such as hammer loop, ruler pocket, back pockets with reinforcements, and so on.
100% Cotton
Button closure
Left-leg hammer loop
Tool pocket
Ruler pocket
Rear patch pockets and logo tag
This short is perfect for anything – highly versatile
Enough storage to hold items
Secure and durable against wear and tear
A loose original fit for movement
Slight shrinkage when washed

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Dickies Men’s 13 Inch Loose Fit Multi-Pocket Work Short: Best Pockets

Dickies Men’s 13 Inch Loose Fit Multi-Pocket Work Short: Best Pockets

Dickies is one of the most highly recognized brands in the clothing industry. One of their many but super incredible work shorts is Dickies multi-pocket work shorts. This pair of shorts has sturdy functionality while being comfortable and convenient to wear. It is made of a durable poly-cotton, and there are quite a number of features that support usability.
Hook and loop closure
Poly-cotton material
Multi-use pocket
Sturdy zippers
Wrinkle-resistant fabrics
One of the best black work shorts to wear in winter
100% Comfort
Roomy pockets
Inconsistent sizing
Small waist

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Amazon Essentials Women’s 5” Inseam Chino Short: Best Cheap Work Shorts

Amazon Essentials Women’s 5” Inseam Chino Short: Best Cheap Work Shorts

Amazon Essentials Chino shorts might be the most affordable women’s work shorts one could ever come across. Also, it has simple, free features that make it suitable for work and casual occasions. The quality of the material is top-notch and the durability is quite impressive. This pair of chino short is available in different colors and sizes for buyers to choose from.
97% Cotton, 3% Elastane
Zip Fly with Button closure
Classic fit
Mid length Inseam
Off-seam side pockets
Decorate rear welt pockets
Highly versatile and free
Fabric quality is nice
Sizing may be inconsistent

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Dockers Men’s Classic Fit Perfect Short Cotton: Best Slim Fit Shorts

Dockers Men’s Classic Fit Perfect Short Cotton: Best Slim Fit Shorts

Dockers is a perfect slim fit, yet classic shorts made of quality New British Khaki Cotton material. This pair of shorts sits well around the waist and still remains roomy around the seat and thigh. It has sturdy construction with features like front closure, single welt buttons and back pockets for convenience.
100% Cotton
Button closure
Large pocket
Single welt button
Back pockets
9.5” Inseam
Slim fit and comfortable
Good durability
Perfected for everyday use
Available in several colors and sizes
Feels way too small

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Dickies Women’s 11-Inch Relaxed Cargo Short: Best Comfort for Women

Dickies Women’s 11-Inch Relaxed Cargo Short: Best Comfort for Women

Based on casual functionality, Dickies women’s cargo shorts are preferred. They can be used for any occasion and they fit so well. There is extra room around the seat and the thigh, which makes it usable for all kinds of women. Also, there are distinctive designs on this pair of shorts as well as features to ensure effective use. These features include zippers, pockets, buttons, etc.
Contour waistband
Wrinkle-resistant fabrics
Sturdy zippers
Button closure
Twill, cotton material
A classic style pair of short
Comfortable and long-lasting
It has room for storage as well as reinforced closures
Major sizing issues

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Amazon Essentials Men’s Classic Fit Cargo-Short: Best Work Cargo Short

Amazon Essentials Men’s Classic Fit Cargo-Short: Best Work Cargo Short

There are men’s shorts just the same way there are women’s shorts when it comes to Amazon Essentials. This, here, is one of the best work cargo shorts that have ever been made. They are designed with high-quality fabrics and made to fit comfortably well. This pair of shorts has numerous pockets which would be quite useful. In fact, these are the best carpenter work shorts considering all the features available.
100% Cotton
Relaxed fit
Multi pockets
Great storage
100% Comfort and maintenance
Standard quality
Available in several colors
A little tight

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Best Work Shorts: FAQs

Check out a few frequently asked questions about work shorts and their use.

What is the difference between regular fit, loose fit and relaxed fit?

They are just terms used for a normal fit, loose fit, and slim fit. Since shorts are involved, a relaxed fit is advisable because they are suitable for work and ensure maximum efficiency. A regular fit is also perfect for work, but a loose fit is only used when you don’t have work to do.

How to wash work shorts?

Work shorts vary, and so does the way we wash them. Some are great for hand-washing and some for machine wash. However, in every pair of shorts, there is a warning on what to wash or not wash with. If done otherwise, the quality of the material will be in jeopardy.

What is the best material for work shorts?

From the looks of it, cotton is the best material so far. Apart from being comfortable, it is easy to wash and put on for both lightweight and heavy-duty work. Sometimes, it is combined with other kinds of material.

What is inseam/length?

An inseam is the length of the shorts or jeans from the waist level. Sometimes, work shorts could have an inseam to the knee level, a little above or below. This varies from one pair of work shorts to another, as well as from a brand to another.

What are the best work shorts?

From our review, it can boldly be confirmed that the seven work shorts are perfect. Each of them has benefits to their user; however, Wrangler Authentics still remains the overall best.


This review has clearly shown how one pair of work shorts differs from another. Wranglers Authentic Work Shorts took the spotlight, and this was owing to the fact that it is/has:

  1. Durable
  2. Quality material
  3. Perfect relaxed fit
  4. Affordable price

Other work shorts reviewed are also good, so it depends on the features you find overwhelming that would determine your choice.

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