How to Safely Wash an Electric Blanket

wash an electric blanket

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New electric blankets can be thoroughly washed without any problems in regular home laundry rooms. In general, before using a modern electric blanket you have just bought, you should definitely give it a wash.

To safely wash an electric blanket, it is imperative to ensure that it is unplugged first and that it is being soaked before washing. Set up the washing cycle of the machine to quick and delicate and dry the electric blanket properly before the next use.

Continue reading to learn about all of the advice I’ve gathered 5 tips on how to properly wash an electric blanket!

1-Make sure the electric blanket is unplugged

Before washing, unplug the power supply. Your electric blanket has a power cable that connects to a power socket. Pull this cable from the blanket if you want to wash it. Before removing the blanket, switch it off and deactivate it. Water should never be allowed to reach the control wire.

Before washing the blanket, please ensure that all of the wire heating components inside it are properly placed and that none of them have broken through the cloth.

As estimated by experts, there are over 5,000 house fires caused by electric blankets annually. Therefore, knowing how to safely handle and wash the electric blanket is very important. Accidents that may be caused by the electric blankets include the following: 12% Heat contact, 12% Electrocution, 18% smoldering and 58% Caught fire.

Some of the injuries that result from electric blankets include the following:

Electric Blanket Injuries graph

Stop using the blanket if the wire heating component has broken through the cloth in some way, or if the attachment point between the blanket and the power cord is impaired in some way.

If you have an earlier model of electric blanket with a non-detachable control cable, you can’t use a washing machine to clean it.  Alternatively, you can wash the blanket by hand gently, taking caution not to drench the control cable.

Examine the manufacturer’s instructions. The electric blanket will arrive with an owner’s manual, which will contain detailed washing directions. These directions could be included on a product care sticker applied to the cover, in a pamphlet supplied with the blanket, or on the package itself.

2- Soak the electric blanket before washing

Most often, you will have to soak the blanket first, then wash it quickly on a delicate cycle and rinse it. Some companies also recommend washing your blanket in a spin cycle briefly.

Prior to washing, soak the blanket. Many manufacturers’ instructions will tell you to soak the fabric for five to fifteen minutes. They can prescribe varying levels of water, varying from cold to wet, in relation to the particular period of time. If a particular temperature or time of pre-soak is not specified, you can just soak in cold water for fifteen minutes as a general rule.

3-Wash the electric blanket using a machine

Modern electronic blankets, contrary to popular belief, are designed to be washed in a washing machine. However, if you have an older blanket that is not broken in any way, you can hand wash it to make it good as new.

For example, if the power cord on your blanket can’t be unattached, it must be hand washed.  The trick is to protect the heating elements inside the blanket so they can still function properly.

To hand wash, place the blanket, without any electrical cables, in a tub of cool water and gentle detergent and let it soak for a couple of minutes. After a small amount of time, you can squeeze out the soapy water before washing again with cold water and drying.

4-Ensure the washing cycle is quick and delicate

It is essential to use quick, delicate washing cycles and to only dry the blanket on low settings, to ensure there is no damage due to water. You also need to keep your electric blanket away from certain cleaning materials.

Clean the blanket quickly and carefully. Almost all new electric blankets are washable in a laundry machine. However, most companies do not prescribe a complete wash cycle. Most fabrics only need a few minutes of washing on the delicate or gentle cycle of your washing machine. Just a limited quantity of gentle laundry detergent can be used. Certain washing ingredients, such as bleach, should not be used on your electric blanket.

Rinse and rotate for a few seconds. Also, shorter rinsing times are important. The normal suggestion is one minute of rinsing with cold or lukewarm water. Even so, most blankets may be washed using a single regular spin cycle.

5-Dry the electric blanket properly

Make sure the blanket will tumble about freely. The capacity of your dryer is a vital consideration. Few smaller dryers could be insufficient for washing a big electric blanket. The capability of the blanket to move freely is the most essential factor. If there isn’t enough space in your dryer for your blanket to tumble, try air drying it instead.

Examine the manufacturer’s instructions. Your reference manual would also contain guidance for how to dry your blanket. Some types can also include a quick dryer “pre-heating” cycle.

Otherwise, you’ll most definitely be told to dry your blanket for five to ten minutes. When drying your electric blanket, please set your dryer to the lowest setting unless otherwise instructed. When the blanket is already wet, withdraw it from the dryer.

After drying, expand your blanket. Depending on the brand, the blanket can need to be extended back to its original size after washing or drying. Since the blanket would always be slightly wet, it should be simple to restructure.

Allow another person to assist you with doing so. You can stand at a distance while both holding the blanket and then just pull the blanket apart.

Allow your blanket to air dry. To encourage the blanket to dry the rest of the way, or if you simply want to air dry it completely, dangle it over a clothesline or anything else that can support its size. It is smart to wait until an electric blanket is completely dry before trying to plug it back in or using it again.

How to Protect Your Electric Blanket when Washing

Here are some 3 tips to ensure your electric blanket doesn’t break down due to cleaning.

  • Your electric blanket cannot be dry-cleaned

Many people think that dry washing is gentler than electric blankets and therefore superior. This is not true. In reality, it is critical to avert dry cleaning your electric blanket because the substances used in dry cleaning will destroy the padding that protects the heating elements of the blanket.

  • An electric blanket cannot be ironed

In fact, you should scrub, maintain, and otherwise care for your electric blanket only when absolutely necessary. Don’t ever iron an electric blanket, since an iron will quickly destroy the insulation of the blanket wires.

  • Examine thoroughly the blanket

If some of the heating wires inside the blanket become detached or otherwise impaired during washing or drying, do not use the electric blanket again. If you are unsure about the state of your blanket, it is safest to stop using it.

Keeping the blanket between you and a strong light source would enable you to ensure that all of the wires are in place. The wires should be equally distributed and should never intersect.

Take precautions if you are using the laundromat. Most manufacturers will advise you not to dry your blanket in a commercial dryer, such as that at a laundromat.

The explanation for this is heat, as commercial dryers will reach even higher temperatures, potentially destroying your blanket. Many commercial dryers, though, may be used comfortably if you adjust the dryer to the lowest heat level and search regularly to avoid drying the blanket completely.

Final Word

If you own an electric blanket, it will definitely come in handy in the winter months, or if you plan on going to a colder climate. The tips I’ve provided in this article will ensure you can easily clean your electric blanket so it’s ready to be used anytime!

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