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Painter Masks : Top 5 Things You Always Wanted To Know

Before taking up a paint job, make sure you understand the risks associated with it. It is imperative to wear protective equipment, painter masks to say the least, to keep yourself in a potentially hazardous environment that’s riddled with dust particles and fumes. These can get into your eyes, or you could breathe in the fumes, leading to significant health issues in the long term.

That’s why painters are advised to wear protective clothing, PPE, and masks to filter paint and dust particles and keep eyes and lungs safe. Those seem obvious things to mention, but you have NO IDEA how, because we are too eager to get started, countless accidents occur because of lack of protection.

Now, we were like you going around in circles trying to find useful information on painter masks and decided to compile some of the answers to the questions you might also have.

Here are the top 5.


1) Two Types of Painter’s Masks You Should Invest In

Top 5 Best Respirator for Fumes

You have the choice to either use disposable respirators or reusable respirators when using paints and related materials.

  • The first one are disposable masks like N95 and N99 and provide moderate protection against particles. They are light-weight and easy to use and will not hinder your comfort while working. The figure represents the amount of air these masks would filter, so N95 would filter 95% of the air particles.
  • The second type are: reusable respirators which are equipped with filter cartridges that can be changed once they are too dirty to capture dust particles. Some of these offer full face protection and are used for heavier fortification than disposable masks.

By the way if you are wondering whether your N95 painter mask is good for Covid-19? The answer is YES! N95 painter masks not only will it keep you safe while painting, but it will also protect you from environmental pollutants and the Coronavirus.


2) How To Wear A Mask The Right Way

When you wear a mask, there are two things that you should absolutely know:


  • Your mask should be a perfect fit for your nose and mouth, making sure there are no empty spaces from where the air could get in. Before wearing it, bend the mask to the contour of your nose so it can fit your better
  • Make sure the straps of your mask are tight


3) I’m Getting A Skin Rash. Is It Because Of The Mask?

If you are wearing masks for long periods, you may notice your face getting red and itchy. When this happens, you can switch to wear fabric masks or disposable surgical masks. Fabric masks are not great at protection unless they have two inner layers. Therefore, it


is better to switch to disposable covers that are more breathable and protective. If the skin rash persists, contact your dermatologist to ensure it isn’t due to other reasons.


4) How Can I Sanitize Or Wash My Painter Mask?

The first thing that you should remember is to treat your mask like it’s a bio-hazard. This means keeping it away from family or friends the minute you remove it from your face.

In order to re-use your mask you need to sanitize it and wash it, by using a proper laundry detergent to kill all bacteria or pollutants that may have gotten stuck to it.Another easy way to disinfect your mask is to keep it in a paper bag and leave it in a warm place for two days. Two days are enough to kill any bacteria or virus, leaving your mask free of any infection.


5) Can I Easily Buy Different Types Of Painter’s Masks?

Nowadays, you can purchase personal protective equipment from almost anywhere.

However, if you want particular masks, you can visit our reviews to find a variety of protective wear that combines safety and comfort all in one.

People sensitive to chemical smells should always wear a mask when using a brush or roller since it is very easy for paint particles to get into your nose and cause irritation.

Wearing a respirator mask is particularly important when sanding the wall before painting. And we’ve got a wide variety of them to suit your needs and budget. For example, re-usable face full face cover is great for spray painting and is best for people with dust allergies.


Now time to get to work! Enjoy and don’t forget to send us pictures of the paint job BEFORE and AFTER and tell us what painter masks did you use.

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