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Top 10 Best Leather Work Gloves

Best insulated leather work gloves

To do almost every job with high safety requirements you will need to wear work gloves, unless you want your hands to feel the effects of blades, sharp edges, electrical tools, chemicals or oils you work with. This will be especially useful for those who work in automotive industry, but obviously, everyone whose work requires safety measures for hands will find it helpful. This review will contain:

  • Pros and cons of each pair of leather work gloves we’ve picked for you;
  • Best products from different manufacturers;
  • Our top pick.

By the end of this article, you will know the best leather work gloves for you.


Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Best leather work gloves

Magid Safety Electrical Gloves

  • Made of cowhide leather in USA;
  • Abrasion-resistant, also offers reinforced palm and elastic wrists to increase its durability;
  • Not dangerous for your skin: the material is breathable and absorbs the sweat nicely;
  • Comes in three sizes, which makes them a good fit for most people.

OZERO tops our list of leather work gloves, and the points above are just reinforcing this point. Let’s see what people think about them and why those gloves are a top choice rating wise. Almost every review is positive and most customers point out that it’s very soft and comfortable on the inside as well as being very well sewn together. The material also seems to be making your palms more or less prone to getting blisters, which can never be a bad thing. Another important point is the cowhide leather they are made of makes them easy to break in: you can get them fully adjusted to your hand in a single day of work or even faster. Of course there’s some negatives too, but they seem to be more of exceptions than the rule: some customers have reported bad seam quality and another issue is that if your hands get wet, the gloves might leave some yellow color on your hands. It washes off easily though, don’t worry. All in all, OZERO seems to be a good choice, at least rating wise!

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Magid Glove rating in the web is high, and practically all reviewers are satisfied with the purchase. Moreover, there are not only electricians among the reviewers. People who work with ultrasound and electrical rays report about the efficiency of Magid glove protection.

Work Gloves for Electricians Buying Guide & FAQ

Surely, everyone knows what gloves are: it’s a garment that covers your hand. In our case they’re made of leather and must be thick enough to protect a hand of a worker from any hazards that one can meet ( A good pair of gloves is necessary if you are working in an automotive industry, in construction and other places where your hands might be damaged by friction or abrasion as well as chemicals or sharp edges. Firstly, let’s talk about material for leather work gloves.

Types of leather


Pig skin is one of the more common types of leather for gloves and its most important feature is the breathability it offers thanks to the texture of the hide. The more you use such gloves, the softer and more comfortable they get on the inside. A welcome additional point is that you can easily launder the material and not be afraid that it’ll lose the shape or become less durable.


That is the most common type of leather that manufacturers use for work gloves. The biggest advantages are price, durability and decent comfortability as well as nice abrasion resistance. They are more suitable for winter months because of they’re increased warmth compared to other types of leather (except for goatskin).


Deerskin is the most expensive type of leather out of all that we have listed here. The reason for it is its durability, flexibility and comfortability. It’s not very common because of the price of material, but if you get one of those, you’re not likely to be disappointed.


This is the strongest and most durable material on the list. The goat skin contains lanolin, which makes the glove more abrasion- and waterproof. The gloves made of this material will be great for any task that includes working with fine and sharp edges and any other type of job where your hands could get injured.

Important to note is also what part of the animal’s body provides the hide: the best durability comes with the leather cut from the shoulders and sides of the body, while the cuts from belly and neck are often used in the cheaper models. If we were to grade which part of animal’s body provides the best durability, we’d put it this way:

  1. Side split from the rib area;
  2. Side split from the shoulder area – it’s a bit less durable but also cheaper and more economical for your budget;
  3. Belly split – the cheapest of split leathers but not very consistent or durable.

If you’re looking for increased longevity in your gloves and don’t mind spending a bit more, we’d suggest to take a better look at grain leather gloves ( Although split leather will do if you’re working temporarily and want to save some money which is understandable.

Pattern of leather

There’s two ways to cut the glove and it’s also a pretty important step in choosing the good leather glove. Those two cuts are gunn cut and clute cut.

  • If you opt for gunn cut, you’ll get a seamless back made of single piece of leather and two middle fingers sewn into the palm separately. The seams are also taken away from the palm. That helps increase longevity and minimize friction on the seams. This design is known for providing better comfortability in most cases.
  • The clute cut requires less sewn seams than gunn cut, so such gloves are cheaper and easier to make. It is basically a palm made of single piece of leather that has no seams at the base of the fingers and a straight thumb (we’ll talk about it later). The seams are located on the inside of fingers. This design allows for a roomier fit which some might consider a disadvantage.

Thumb design

Thumbs of a glove might be straight, winged or keystone. Straight thumbs are not very effective because of restrictions that they put on natural thumb motion. They’re cheaper though. Keystone thumbs on the other hand allow your thumbs to function properly thanks to a great sewing design. If you’re working with wires or pipes where thumb motion is necessary, that’s your choice. If you want something in the middle, take a look at winged thumbs gloves, which are created with an angled construction and therefore allow your thumbs to have a good range of motion. They’re in the middle of our price range and might be a good option for you. (

Cuff design

The most common types of cuff design are:

  • Slip-on (basically no cuff, easy to get on and off, cheapest option);
  • Knit cuff (protects your hands from particles getting inside);
  • Safety cuff (about 2” long, designed for the jobs where your glove might get caught in the machine and therefore allows for a quick throw-off in case of danger);
  • Gauntlet cuff (it’s a safety cuff but a bit longer, so you can tuck your sleeves into it).

A lining might be an important point too, especially if you’re working in the low temperature conditions. Most common linings are thermal (best for cold temperatures), cotton and wool. Just choose the most comfortable one for your hand and you might well be good to go.

The Best Leather Work Glove


Caterpillar CAT013201L Premium


A simple pair of leather work gloves from a worldwide-known manufacturer. It features a shirred elastic wrist, which allows for a good fit on any hand. They also have straight thumb design, gunn cut and a back made of cotton.
Offer good fit and comfortability on most hands.
Good lining and decent materials.
Suitable for many different activities, including DIY projects and most home purposes.
Not very durable according to people in review section.
In some cases the seams aren’t very comfortable.
Not really suitable for activities like construction work etc.

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American Made Buffalo Leather Work Gloves

American Made Buffalo Leather Work Gloves

The only pair on this list that offers a color choice. The most expensive pair in this article looks great and feels as good according to reviews. 100% grain deerskin is known for great durability, flexibility and comfort. Elastic wrist makes putting the gloves on easy and comfortable. Keystone thumb completes this leather glove. The main problem encountered by the customers is sewing quality.
Five sizes, suitable for most people.
Modern style design.
Elastic cuffs to allow for a good hold and grip.
Pretty warm for winter periods.
Measurements in some cases don’t match sizes, so be careful.
Some exemplars don’t show the quality that you’d expect: people in reviews complain that two pairs in the single order might have completely different quality, especially in sewing.

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Leather Work Gloves Industrial All Season

Leather Work Gloves Industrial All Season

A definition of “gets job done” if we’ve ever seen one. It’s a multifunctional decent pair of gloves that comes in one size and promises to fit every hand, whether it’s men or women. It’s a good not expensive option if you’re looking for the gloves to do the things you’d expect from the gloves: not ripping apart, protecting your hand, being good for many purposes. Be careful if you’ve got small hands though.
One size fits all.
Cheap and might be used on most occasions: for mechanics, agricultural jobs, driving etc.
Split cowhide leather means durability and comfort.
Manufacturer offers money back guarantee.
One size doesn’t fit all in some cases: sometimes the gloves are too large to be called for example women’s leather work gloves.

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CLC Custom Leathercraft 2060L

Top Grain Goatskin Work Gloves
Another full-leather yellow pair of gloves made of grain goatskin. As you’ve read earlier, this material is durable and strong, so you might expect them to serve you well for longer, but sometimes it comes at the expense of comfort of your hands. All in all an average pair considering its price and not perfect customer reviews. That’s the best insulated leather work gloves pair on our list.
Grain goatskin, which is the most durable and strong leather material.
Will be good for heavy works.
Only large size, so won’t fit every hand.
Goatskin isn’t famous for its comfortability.
Make your skin prone to blisters according to review zone.

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CLC Custom Leathercraft 2046B

Work Gloves with Safety Cuff & Wing Thumb
These gloves aren’t full-leather: they’re 30% cotton and that’s their Achilles heel. The palms are okay quality with cowhide leather, but all in all that’s a weak pair and the reviews confirm this. One of the leather synthetic work gloves on our list.
One of the cheapest pairs of gloves on the list.
Split leather on the palm.
Good for household works and gardening.
Not full-leather gloves: they’re 30% cotton, 70% leather.
Won’t help you at any heavy-duty jobs.
Not very durable judging by review section.

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Vgo 3Pairs Cow Split Leather Men’s Work Gloves

Vgo 3Pairs Cow Split Leather Men's Work Gloves

Another mix of leather and cotton on our list, pretty cheap but perhaps it’d be better to look elsewhere? The reviews are mostly positive, but the negative ones discourage pretty badly: the gloves are literally falling apart according to the customers.
Very attractive price for cowhide leather gloves.
Safety cuff helps protect your hands. Good work gloves for ranch, DIY home works and most non-heavy duty jobs.
Not durable at all, last just a few days as reviews say.
Have a problem with sizing, being too small for many.
Some pairs might feel too hard for your hands.

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OZERO Flex Grip Leather Work Gloves

OZERO Flex Grip Leather Work Gloves

OZERO’s material is cowhide which is known for durability and comfort at a good price. The gloves are easy to break in and offer good materials on the inside. They make your skin less prone to blisters and that’s always good when you work with your hands. The customers have reported bad seam quality at times though, and another issue is that if your hands get wet, the gloves might leave some yellow color on your hands. It comes off after a single wash, but still not too pleasant. All in all the best quality leather work gloves we’ve reviewed today.
Made of cowhide leather, so it makes them durable and comfortable.
Abrasion and shrinkage resistance.
The material is breathable and can absorb the sweat.
Three sizes, fit for most people.
Some pairs come damaged or with sizing problems, although manufacturer reacts to these cases with a refund.

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Products G & F 5215L-5 Premium Suede Double Palm & Index Finger Work Gloves

Products G & F 5215L-5 Premium Suede Double Palm & Index Finger Work Gloves

These gloves come in 12-packs and it makes them an attractive long-term option on paper. They’re the cheapest work leather gloves on this list as well. In reality, it’s an average pair of gloves that often leaves the hands of a customer green and offers decent quality with occasional stitching problem here and there. A true middle class of work gloves.
Attractive price for full-leather gloves.
Decent quality as well as price to quality ratio.
They appear fit even for heavy-duty jobs.
The green color from the gloves stays on hands.
Not great stitching quality.
Backs of the gloves rip fairly often.

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Carhartt Men’s Grain Leather Work Glove

Carhartt Men's System 5 Work Glove with Safety Cuff

Carhartt is a name that doesn’t need additional introducing and we’ve had high hopes about it, especially after reading in the description that it’s a full-leather glove. The reviews have been a little disappointing in this department though: customers report that the back is made of cotton instead of leather. Quality shouldn’t be a problem though as well as size: five different sizes scream: “to each their own”. Might well be the best heavy insulated leather work gloves we’ve seen so far.
“100%-leather” gloves from a well-known manufacturer.
Big safety cuff protects your wrists.
The material is breathable and can absorb the sweat.
Five sizes, so everyone can find a good fit.
Some customers report quality issues – although not many of them.
Sizing problems have also been encountered.

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Wells Lamont Premium Leather Work Gloves

Wells Lamont Premium Leather Work Gloves

Wells comes into our list with a 3-pack work gloves made of 100% cowhide leather. The manufacturer declares that the innovative precurved design will ensure that your hand will never feel uncomfortable in these gloves. The reviews don’t prove this statement wrong, so we’ll give them benefit of the doubt. Other features are keystone thumb and a special reinforced patch on the palms.
Another good-known manufacturer and decent price.
Good for household works as well as professional jobs.
Durable and breathable cowhide leather.
Quality problems: some customers report holes after just days of use.
Only one size that doesn’t exactly fit all.

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Our pick

OZERO Flex Grip
Our pick of this article is OZERO gloves. They offer good protection as well as good design with 2 different wrist options and greater comfort on the inside than any of competitors on this list. The reviews are nearly flawless, there’s three different sizes and good cowhide leather that will make your hands feel very good. So our recommendation if you’re looking for the best leather gloves for work would be this pair.

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This list was put together in order to help you choose the best out of our top 10 work leather gloves on the market. We’ve seen the top choices and some weak pairs, we’ve chosen the best one and reviewed every pair being unbiased and impartial. Hopefully you’ve learned some new stuff about leather gloves and their material as well!

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