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Top 10 Best Waterproof Work Gloves (2020 Review)

Best waterproof insulated work gloves

The best waterproof work gloves will allow you to work, hitchhike, or travel in any conditions. Any pair of gloves is an important part of personal protective equipment, and waterproof gloves are not an exception. Your hands staying warm no matter what’s happening outside is what makes a good pair of waterproof gloves so important and needed for every worker around. Today’s review will show:

  • Pros and cons of every pair of gloves that we’ve chosen for you;
  • Our top pick;
  • Best products in different price segments.


Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Carhartt Waterproof gloves

Carhartt W.P. Waterproof Insulated Gloves

  • Waterproof insert;
  • Reinforced stitching;
  • Polyester and polyurethane will provide durability and comfort;
  • Abrasion-resistant, also offers reinforced palm and elastic wrists to increase its durability.

Carhartt Waterproof gloves is the best-rated pair of gloves on our list. You’ve seen the points above and they only further reinforce the point that this pair is one of the best you can find on the market. There’s almost 2500 reviews on Amazon and the vast majority of them are positive. The waterproof insert is a feature that you won’t see in any of other products on our today’s list and reinforced palms and stitches will allow you to use the gloves for a longer time. The insulation is soft and keeps your hands warm while not overheating them and letting the sweat evaporate. That’s something you really want to see in the gloves that you’re going to wear for the whole day. Overall, it’s a very good choice, both rating- and quality-wise.

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Waterproof Gloves for Work & FAQ

The gloves are an easy concept to understand: this is basically a garment covering your hands. The case is a bit more difficult with waterproof gloves as they are classified as personal protective equipment ( and the materials should be a bit more durable than for example simple cotton gloves. One can argue that everyone who works outside and/or lives in the conditions where the weather might get a little harsh needs a good pair of waterproof gloves. The workers will enjoy the warmth for hands during the outside work in the rain, and in the places where it is snowy in the winter you might use it as an everyday accessory to keep your hands safe and warm.

Let’s talk about the mechanism behind waterproof gloves.

How it works

Any waterproof glove is made up of several layers of material. It helps protecting your hand from cold outside as well as denying moisture getting inside. The upper class waterproof gloves will also be of a good use as protective gloves because it’s not easy even for automotive hazards to get through all these layers of material, often strengthened in order to keep the warmth inside and cold outside.

The more important feature of waterproof gloves is that it helps keeping moisture away from your hands not only by not letting the rain or snow get inside, but also by wicking away the moisture coming from your hands. That essentially means not letting your palms sweat and if they still do, absorb the moisture without getting wet.

Another technique used in waterproof gloves is insulation. This layer doesn’t let the heat of your body (hands in this case) escape the glove, so that it keeps warm for longer periods. Good insulation will not make the inside warmer though, it’ll just save the heat that is already there. So, if your hands are cold, other layers will take care of them getting warm, and insulation will make them stay warm for as long as possible.

Other layers that play the part in keeping you warm and dry might be foam, jersey, fleece etc. Polyurethane is an important material for this topic, as every layer including lining might be made of polyurethane without a significant decrease in quality, although comfort might get a bit of a damage.

Types of gloves

Fleece gloves

Fleece gloves are one of the most common gloves for winter months when it’s cold outside. Fleece is a synthetic material that provides unrivaled warmth and is also very lightweight. The problem here is waterproofing: you sacrifice it a little bit in order to get good flexibility and coordination, so fleece gloves are not the best choice in this regard, although it’ll still keep you dry to some degree. This type of gloves is better for soft winters when it’s not very humid and cold, then they allow for a very good hand coordination as well as great freedom of hand movement.

Insulated gloves

We’ve talked about insulation previously, so you probably don’t need a long introduction there. Insulated gloves absorb your body heat and don’t let it escape the glove, so the best way to use such gloves is to ensure you get it on inside a warm room where your hands feel alright and only then go outside where it’s cold. Although this tip will be of no use if you get insulated gloves with additional layers for warmth. We also suggest you choose a breathable pair for your palms to stay dry for longer. Waterproofing is alright as well, most insulated gloves are water-resistant on the outside.

Leather gloves

Leather (pigskin, goatskin, deerskin, cowskin) is the best waterproof material on the list. If it’s coupled with good warmth-layers, you’ll get an almost unbreakable combination of warmth, waterproofing and hand protection. This will come at a big price though, because good leather is never cheap.

In order to choose a good pair of waterproof gloves, make sure you’re satisfied with all of the following criteria of a glove: material (it should be strong and water-resistant, also good when it’s breathable), insulation (choose the right balance between dexterity and the ability to keep your hands warm, it fully depends on the conditions you’re working in), comfort and fit (it’s clear without any further instructions: just make sure you’re feeling good wearing this pair of gloves, otherwise a full day of work might become a torture, and we don’t want that) and of course price.


  • Can I expect warmth and comfort from waterproof gloves?
  • Well, you should expect comfort fit from any work gloves, to be fair. Otherwise, we don’t consider it a good pair of work gloves. The waterproof gloves can definitely be warm enough thanks to their multi-layer structure: the outer layer will keep the moisture away, and the inner ones will make sure your hands are warm and dry.

  • What kind of leather is the best for waterproof gloves?
  • We’re leaning towards the opinion that in this case it’s not very important what kind of leather you choose, but pigskin and cowskin are definitely the most common types of leather for waterproof gloves. We’d guess that it’s due to the fact these types of leather provide the best comfort and durability.

  • Are my waterproof gloves washable?
  • Yes! It’s important to use good soap that will definitely not damage the material of the gloves. We suggest the oil-based soaps to remove the stains from the gloves. Then you let the gloves dry and use baking soda and/or cornstarch to clean the inside of a glove. This will get rid of the smell and any human oils left inside.


If you’re unfamiliar with our top-10 articles, in this part we’ll try to choose the best heavy duty waterproof insulated work gloves out of ten exemplars that we’ve found on the market.


Carhartt Men’s W.P. Insulated Glove

Carhartt Men's W.P. Waterproof Insulated Glove

Carhartt is a worldwide-known brand that opens our chart with an insulated pair of gloves. It’s a pretty basic, good looking and, according to reviews, durable pair that will definitely do the job for you. It’s made of 100% polyester and reinforced with a polyurethane palm.
A very good insulation layer to keep you warm.
Durable and comfortable materials.
Three sizes to choose from.
FastDry technology to keep your palms dry.
People in review section state it’s too warm for some conditions, so beware of it.
In some cases, the seams aren’t high quality and split.

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HydraHyde Leather Work Gloves (Wells Lamont)

Men's HydraHyde Leather Work Gloves

This stylish yellow-colored pair’s material is cowhide leather, famous for its durability and comfort fit. It’s water-resistant and offers adjustable wrist to keep all the moisture away from your palms. HydraHyde leather is a well-known material and Wells Lamont is taking full advantage of it coupled with the good design.
Great waterproofing that keeps your hands dry.
Modern style design.
Adjustable wrist for comfort fit.
Four sizes to keep everyone satisfied.
Leather feels nice but is very thin, uncharacteristically for Wells Lamont.
Stitches on some exemplars are of a poor quality.

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Youngstown Waterproof Winter Plus Performance Glove

Youngstown Glove 03-3450-80-L

One of the lower-rated pairs of gloves in our rating: they’re more expensive than the two previously described and yet are basically nothing special. Yes, they will definitely get the job done, they’re waterproof and consist of three layers that make them waterproof and windproof, but the reviews show some problems: with waterproofing, with seams, with warmth etc. But even though they have their weaknesses, some people might still consider them one of the best waterproof insulated work gloves just because they’re very comfortable.
Good and strengthened material for cold conditions.
Windproof and, according to description, water-resistant.
Expensive compared to the rival gloves.
Splits are of bad quality in many cases.
Thin waterproof membrane doesn’t help when you have to work in heavy rain conditions.

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Ergodyne ProFlex Thermal Waterproof Work Gloves

Ergodyne ProFlex 817WP
It’s an insulated, waterproof pair of gloves that also offers good durability. The cuff on these gloves is made of neoprene and is bigger than what rivals offer. That allows for a better fit and makes putting them on and off easier. Waterproof membrane is decent as well; although it doesn’t 100% protect you in the worst conditions.
Very flexible and breathable.
Good cuff to increase comfort level.
High quality materials.
Problems with dexterity were reported.
Liner does not fit very well.

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Men’s HydraHyde Cold Weather Work Gloves (Wells Lamont)

Men's HydraHyde Cold Weather Work Gloves
Another HydraHyde pair of gloves by Wells Lamont offers modern design, and a knit shell with an acrylic liner. These gloves are good for construction, maintenance, cold works, etc. The pair is completed with latex coating that offers a good grip. Three sizes to choose from.
Good insulation for the price.
Very cheap.
Waterproofing is good enough for everyday taks, but not more.
The knit cuff is very comfortable.
Keeps you too warm: hands are often too sweaty to work comfortably.
Not very flexible, the fingers are tight.

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Heritage Winter Work Glove

Heritage Winter Work Glove
These gloves offer goatskin leather for durability as well as Thinsulate insulation known for good warmth and comfort levels with soft inner lining. Goatskin is very durable although not very comfortable, but in this case it’s not too important as it’s not 100%-leather glove. Waterproof barrier will cope with rain or snowball fights very well, but might be a bit too thin for active sports like kayaking.
Good insulation.
Goatskin leather for increased durability.
A decent elastic cuff.
Work with touchscreens and has a pocket for hand warmer, which makes them one of the best waterproof winter work gloves.
Pretty expensive.
Not fully waterproof, although will work with small amounts of water or snow.

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Ironclad Kong SDXW2-04-L Impact Gloves

Ironclad Kong SDXW2-04-L
The manufacturer of these gloves seems to be very proud of them and the technologies used here: the gloves are oilproof and waterproof according to the description. The Oil & Gas Safety Committee was involved in creating this pair of gloves. They’re breathable and metacarpal protection offers 80% impact absorption.
New technologies used, which is always cool.
Oilproof and waterproof.
Some kind of exclusive material that makes the palms more abrasion resistant than normal leather.
Four sizes to choose from.
The quality seems to fail the customers quite often.
Waterproofing isn’t 100%.

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Men’s HydraHyde Insulated Split Leather (Wells Lamont)

HydraHyde Insulated Split Leather Winter Work Gloves
The first 100%-leather pair of gloves on our list, another example of HydraHyde gloves by Wells Lamont. The cowhide split leather was used for these gloves and thiosulfate insulation should be adding a lot of warmth without making the gloves too big to be comfortable. These are made specifically for winter conditions and are a contender for being the best waterproof warm work gloves.
Good price for full-leather gloves.
Very good insulation and liner to keep you warm.
Good for heavy-duty jobs as well as everyday tasks.
Split cowhide leather is known for durability and comfort.
Waterproofing is questionable according to reviews.
Not great stitching quality.

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Wonder Grip Natural Latex Rubber Work Gloves

Wonder Grip WG318L
These gloves are the cheapest on our list. That’s due to the fact the material used here is latex except for knit liner. The latex rubber should create great grip and makes them easily washable in machine.
Very good quality to price ratio.
Comfortable fit.
Decent grip and waterproofing.
Not breathable at all.
Do not protect you from cold, so it’s hard to describe them as one of the best waterproof outdoor work gloves on our list.

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FrogWear 8490 Insulated & Waterproof Gloves

FrogWear 8490 Insulated & Waterproof Blue Tripple Dipped Work Gloves

Another insulated and waterproof pair of gloves on our list. It comes in three sizes so it shouldn’t be hard to choose one for you, but beware: the reviews show that you might want to choose one size smaller. Dexterity and grip seem to be quite good with this pair of waterproof neoprene work gloves.
Very warm and yet flexible.
PVC coating allows for a broader range of movement.
Offer chemical resistance.
Sizes don’t fit usual sizing systems.
Won’t protect you from cold.

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Our pick

Carhartt Men's W.P. Waterproof Insulated Glove
Our pick of this list would without a shadow of a doubt be Carhartt Insulated Glove. It’s one of the rare example of good quality for a decent price. The technologies used (FastDry and insulation for warmth) are second to none on the market and the reinforced palm will create a good grip. What we appreciate as well, is a waterproof insert as well as outer side, which was not the case with any other pair in this rating.
If you’re looking to spend less and are planning to work in warm conditions, take a look at the Wonder Grip gloves, the cheapest of today’s contestants.

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We’ve created this list to help you choose the best waterproof work gloves on the market. It turned out to be a big research and we found out that some of the pairs should not be called waterproof at all, but we still managed to cherry pick the best you can get while staying unbiased. We hope that this will help you choose a good pair that will serve you for longer periods.

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