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Top 5 best work gloves for electricians (2020 Review)

Gloves For ElectriciansElectrical work is a dangerous process, requiring strict compliance with certain safety rules. All the equipment should be de-energized and grounded. An electrician should use only insulated tools and dielectric gloves, eliminating the probability of electric shock.
Our articles will reveal the key features of the best work gloves for electricians in 2019 and the main tips to make the right choice. We will also determine the most reliable manufacturers of this essential accessory. So, let’s dive in…


Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

DEX FIT Nitrile Work Gloves FN330

DEX FIT Nitrile Work Gloves FN330

Modern market offers a wide range of protective means for electricians. Numerous positive reviews in the web show that the most reputable brand is DEX FIT. According to the customer reviews, the main advantages of its products are:

  1. The convenience of wearing, ergonomic shape, hypoallergenic materials;
  2. Suitable for both industrial and home use;
  3. Protect from damage by direct and alternating electric current;
  4. Resistant to acids, oil products, low temperatures;
  5. Very durable, surprisingly long service life.

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Magid Glove rating in the web is high, and practically all reviewers are satisfied with the purchase. Moreover, there are not only electricians among the reviewers. People who work with ultrasound and electrical rays report about the efficiency of Magid glove protection.

Work Gloves for Electricians Buying Guide & FAQ

Modern market offers a perfect choice of dielectric gloves for men. Thanks to it we can increase our chances to buy the products of the highest quality after considering the customer reviews. When choosing work gloves for your electrical tasks, please, read the description thoroughly, as not all the models of rubber-coated work gloves are designed shock and voltage resistant. Dielectric gloves undergo preliminary testing, which gives a guarantee of their functionality, providing ample protection to a worker.

The model choice depends on your conditions of work. However, remember, dielectric gloves are a for everyone working with electricity.
Even if you test your home wiring or repair equipment – you shouldn’t do it unprotected.

What type of gloves should I choose?

Dielectric gloves differ much from universal rubber gloves which we use for around the house, and from gloves for construction and repair.
This protection for electric workers is manufactured using thick rubber or latex (link).

There are two types of such products:

Manufactured for operation under the voltage up to 1000 V

Designed for work at a higher voltage

The second type of protection is not for home use – it is too thick and not elastic enough.
There are also some essential criteria for choosing the most reliable and safe products.

What size is good for me?

When shaping a size, it is necessary to consider not only the size of your hand, but also consider your work conditions. For example, when working outside in winter, there is always a need to wear thin cotton gloves under the dielectric ones to avoid frostbite. Therefore, purchase a product one size larger or warm-insulated working gloves. If you work indoors, it is better to pick up gloves fitting your hand. Experienced electricians’ advice to buy high gloves reaching the elbows. And be sure that your sleeves are in your glove cuffs for your safety. Besides, never turn over the edges of the cuffs.

Will the dielectric gloves protect me for certain?

dielectric glovesThe first and the main advice when buying protective equipment is to choose the reliable and reputable brands like 3M, Klein Tools, ANHPI-Gloves, Magid Glove & Safety, and ESA Supplies. A good manufacturer is a guarantee of your safety and wellbeing. The only thing you should do is monitor the integrity of your gloves. Roll each glove in the direction towards the fingers. An undamaged glove will immediately inflate, and you can check if air is leaking.

exclamation_mark Important! If there is at least one pinhole or cut, the gloves are not effective, and your life and health are in danger.

Watch the video to understand the possible consequences of damaged gloves use:

Be careful and wash your means of protection with soapy water every time after work, as different substances like oil, acids or alkali can damage the material.
Your gloves should also be stored properly (more). Never fold them and keep away from heat, humidity, sunlight and chemical substances.

The Best Work Gloves for Electricians

Well, if you don’t have enough time to read the whole article, watch the video and look through the links, you can just choose the best-insulated work gloves from the list below. We have made TOP-5 Amazon best dielectric gloves for you considering the popularity and customer reviews. We’ve rescued you from the tedious search for the best work gloves for electricians among hundreds of items.


DEX FIT Nitrile Work Gloves FN330

DEX FIT Nitrile Work Gloves FN330

These professional gloves are made of natural rubber latex for low-voltage operations, lineman work, and various industrial applications. The durable dielectric material provides perfect elasticity and puncture resistance. It gives up to 1.000V AC/ 1.5000V DC protection. The gloves are 11 inches long with a straight cuff. The latex material is so flexible that you can handle even the smallest parts with your gloves on.
Perfect shock resistance
Have a manufacture date
Very flexible and convenient
Difficult to take off

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Electricians Gloves Large Klein Tools

Electricians Gloves Large Klein

 Klein Tools is one of the most reliable manufacturers in the USA. Durable gloves for electricians are made of TBP, synthetic leather and neoprene. A unique material on palm and fingers provides anti-slip effect when pulling cable and wire. The cuff is extensible for easier on/off. The index finger is wrapped with synthetic leather for higher durability.
Perfect for pulling cable;
Very durable;
Attractive design.
Too stiff;
Large feels like small.

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ECHODONE 12KV Safety Electrical Protective Insulated Gloves

ECHODONE 12KV Safety Electrical Protective Insulated Gloves
These insulated gloves are made of durable rubber and fit most people. When working under 1000V, you can use these gloves as a basic security means and touch electrical equipment. If the voltage is higher, it is prohibited to touch electrical equipment using the gloves. The package contains one pair.
Perfect electric protection;
Very durable;
Have a bad smell;
Designed flat, without left and right differentiation.

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High Voltage Insulated Electrical Gloves

High Voltage Insulated Electrical Gloves

ShuangAn protective gloves for electricians have earned a perfect customer rating in the web. The product is made of natural rubber and can be used as a basic security accessory under 1000V. The size is universal and can fit most hands.
Reliable shock-resistance;
Not expensive;
Extremely durable.
Not an anatomic shape;
Bad smell.

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3M Comfort Grip Glove CGL-GU for Electrical and Maintenance work

3M Nitrile Foam Coated Comfort Gloves for Electrical

 These gloves are made of 100% nylon coated with nitrile shock-resistant foam. This protection is perfect for home use and private workshops. 3M high dexterity electrician work gloves are light (3,2 oz) and will perfectly fit your hands. They are manufactured in Korea and come in packs of 1 pairs.
Very comfortable and agile;
Thin and grippy;
Reduces shock.
Very small size;
Packaging is in Korean;
For home use only.

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Remember! For electric installations with a voltage less than 1000V, the gloves are the main protective device. However, if the voltage is higher, the dielectric gloves are an additional layer of protection alongside other means such as high voltage indicators, insulated tools and other dielectric accessories.
We’ve presented you a list of the most popular working gloves for electricians. Now, your choice depends on the conditions of your work. If you work outdoors, pay attention to water proof insulated work gloves and models for cold weather.

Final Thought

With no doubt, different dielectric accessories and clothes are essential for people working in electricity. Especially important for this job is hand protection, as an electric shock is most often received through the upper limbs. The best safety gloves for electric work will serve you up to six months or even more with proper use and maintenance. Such gloves are more expensive than universal models, but you make a purchase just once and obtain the most precious thing – your safety. Never fall for very cheap electrical work gloves! Never skimp on your wellbeing! Choose only reputable brands which produce reliable, tested products!

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