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Top 5 of the Best Work Pants for Carpenters (2020 Review)

Top 5 of the Best Work Pants for CarpentersWhen you work as hard and in as varied conditions as a carpenter or other laborer, your gear basically acts as an extension of yourself. You rely on your tools and other pieces to perform well and steadily in order to get your job done successfully and safely without any delays. This reliance transfers over to your clothing as well, which offers protection and comfort while on the job. Work pants, especially, are a fantastic place to invest, as they keep your legs safe and offer storage while moving about. Here are some of the best carpenter work pants available through online retailers!

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

UNIONBAY Men's Survivor Iv Relaxed Fit Cargo Pant-Reg and Big and Tall Sizes

UNIONBAY Men’s Survivor Iv Relaxed Fit Cargo Pant-Reg and Big and Tall Sizes

Due to its wide array of sizing, color choices, and generally good construction, we have chosen the UnionBay Men’s Survivor Pants as our overall best option. This product suits both average and big and tall sizing needs and has stellar reviews on Amazon and other comparable retailers. With almost a five star rating, these pants have been called “the best cargo pants you will buy” and “a great value,” respectively by two different Amazon users. They have a variety of pockets and fit loosely in the groin and buttock areas, allowing for easy movement and non-restriction. The pants are made with comfort in mind and are very functional, providing a lot of storage, including several velcro pockets. All in all, these are a solid pair of pants that will likely suit your needs quite well.

Tons of storage
Very affordable, fairly priced
Many color options
Very comfortable
Some reports of sizing being skewed in either direction
Reports of the design of the pants being slightly modified in recent times
Inaccurate photos

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The Best Work Pants for Carpenters – Buying Guide

What do carpenters wear?

Carpenters are tradesmen who work in hot, cold, rainy, and potentially dangerous conditions frequently. They work with power tools and use chemicals to treat various wood and metals to make them more suitable for the task at hand. Due to this, carpenters need a rather specialized tool kit.

This includes their clothing. Carpenters must dress both for comfort while moving about and for safety to ensure no injuries occur while they are working. The exact things an individual worker chooses to wear will vary from person to person but, generally, the ensemble of a carpenter includes coveralls, work pants, work shorts, protective jackets, hard hats, goggles, and/or other pieces of protective gear.

The materials used to make work clothes may vary, as well. One person may opt for a pair of waterproof high-quality work pants while someone else on the same site may look for cotton work pants due to their breathability and ease of movement.

There is no singular universal outfit that makes up carpenter work clothes.

What factors can help you decide if pants are of good quality?

A lot of the concerns that dictate what pants are high quality will be a personal preference matter. Some people like stiffer, thicker pants. Some people prefer something flexible and cooler. What one person loves and swears by, another may dislike altogether. Still, there are some aspects that universally impact the viability of a pair of work pants.

For starters, it is important to take durability into account. A lot of low-quality pants may work great initially but will wear down quickly. This is due to the manufacturer using materials that are not as stable and sturdy or otherwise cut corners. Look at reviews of individual products and try researching the materials used to get an idea of the lasting power of a given product.

Comfort is another big factor in whether a pair of pants will work for you. If they are overly stiff, you may find it hard to move around the job site with ease. Thin, flimsy ones may not protect you against hot metal and other materials. Try to find a middle ground between the two that best suit your needs.

Proper sizing is a good aspect to consider. If a lot of reviewers report the pants run small or big, it might be good to note to prevent discomfort upon arrival or the hassles of returning an item purchased online.

Lastly, you should take the features into account. Do the pants have enough pockets? Are the pockets zip, velcro, or open? Does the waist closure feel comfortable? Is the zipper of good quality or does it feel breakable? Does your pick come as carpenter pants with knee pads to help keep you safe and comfortable in the long-run? Figure out what is important to you and stick to those selling points.

Does more expensive mean better?

While it is good to invest in a pair of high-quality pants, do not be tricked into buying a pair just because they are more expensive. Look at the quality and individual craftsmanship of the piece and read reviews. Some higher-end brands will produce products that perform less efficiently for your needs, depending on what you prefer in a pair of work pants.

You can find good quality, long-lasting pants at any price range. Take your time and compare your options; you might be surprised at how much money you can actually save without sacrificing any features or functionality!

The Best Work Pants for Carpenters

Here are some of our favorite options that can be easily purchased online.

Dickies Redhawk Action Work Utility Trousers

Dickies Redhawk Action Work Utility Trousers

As a whole, the Dickies Redhawk pants are a solid choice for carpenters and tradesmen across the board due to their simple design and individual features. These pants have a classic button and zip closure that provides a secure latch to ensure they stay put while moving about the job site. There is a plethora of pockets on this product, including several zipped ones for more secure storage. The knees include pouch openings for knee pads, which is a great asset to have since you do not have to worry about the slippage of traditional velcro pads if they are neatly tucked away or the uncomfortable tugging of straps and attachments. Dickies is a trusted brand in most manual industries due to its consistent ability to produce high-quality, comfortable products for a wide variety of applications; these pants seem to be included in this high standard of production.
Tons of storage pockets
Stays put and does not slip down the hips if properly sized
Very comfortable and durable
Knee pad compatible
Some reports of sizing issues, with users claiming the product runs both small or large depending on your body type
Some claim the pocket openings are too narrow, making it difficult to get things out
Few Amazon reviews despite a moderate amount of external reviews and testimonials

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Caterpillar Men’s Trademark Pant

Caterpillar Men's Trademark Pant

Another pair of pants sold in both regular and big and tall sizing, these Caterpillar brand pants are a great choice for those in need of reinforced knees. Many users have reported the pants lasting through very strenuous work, including one man, who referred to himself as a “knee shredding machine” claims that they are the only ones to withstand the rigor of his line of work. Additionally, these pants come in several high visibility colors to provide additional safety around machinery and trafficked areas. The utility pockets are velcro sealed and reinforced, allowing them to hold heavier screws and tools with ease, as well. In the waistband, there is added gripper tape to keep the pants from slipping or sliding as you move about.
Tons of colors, including high visibility options
Massive size range
Machine washable
Built-in tool holders, wide belt loops, and carpenter loop
Somewhat baggy fit reported
Back pockets do not handle the wear and tear as well as the other pockets in some instances; reports of them fraying and tearing
Some dislike the added gripper tape and report it to irritate their skin.

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Red Kap Men’s Double Knee No-Scratch Shop Pants

Red Kap Men's Double Knee No-Scratch Shop Pants

Another inclusively sized option, these reinforced knee pants from Red Kap provide a great fit and attractive appearance while still protecting your legs and allowing easy storage of tools. The brand notes they have included a fully-lined inseam gusset to help provide maximum comfort while bending and crouching, as well as reinforced pockets to hold all of the tools you may need. They also claim that these pants are designed for the work you do each day and are made to be as durable and well-fitting as possible. Many reviewers report that these pants fit very well and are true to their size listing, which is refreshing since many brands struggle to make their sizing accurate and consistent across the board due to the fit of their products. Some Amazon clients have even called these pants the best work trousers they have ever used!
Attractive fit
Reinforced seams, pockets, and knees
Very comfortable, designed for natural movement
Some reports of tearing pockets
No high visibility options
Odd quality control issues, including unfinished seams in more recent orders

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Carhartt Men’s Relaxed Fit Washed Twill Dungaree Pant

Carhartt Men's Relaxed Fit Washed Twill Dungaree Pant

As a highly trusted brand that provides a wide variety of workman and outdoor products, Carhartt has been a major player in the industry for years. These pants are made to look attractive while still providing carpenter loop storage. They are less bulky and fit more closely to typical pants, allowing for an easier sizing experience for most people. The pants are also 100% breathable cotton, which means you will not find yourself overheating as quickly as those wearing synthetic fabrics and blends. Carhartt carpenter’s pants are a great choice for those with other tool storage methods, as there are no cargo pockets due to the fit design. Still, many people report these to be an incredibly comfortable product with a relaxed-fit styling that makes them easy to pair with a host of different work boots and other work clothes.
Easy sizing due to design and fit
Included carpenter’s loop
Neutral colors available
Wide sizing range
Some reports of tearing in knees or hem area
Lack of pockets bothersome to some users
Bottom too narrow for some wider work boots

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LA Police Gear Mens Urban Ops Tactical Cargo Pants

LA Police Gear Mens Urban Ops Tactical Cargo Pants

Available in a large range of neutral tones and inclusive sizes, these pants are a great, no-frills option that will get the job done in a classic cargo fashion. The brand notes that the pants do run slightly smaller than other typical cargo pants due to their unique design. These pants are tactical, providing large front pockets, deep cargo pockets, and an elastic waist for maximized comfort. Some also use the waistband as a place to conceal carry a weapon, a fact that is noted by the brand in the product’s details. Many people report enjoying the breeze fit and loose legs, though some reviewers do refer to the pants as baggy or otherwise a bit too loose. Across the board, though, these are a good choice, especially considering the affordable price.
Neutral color options
Very comfortable thanks to the elastic waistband
Tons of storage pockets
Some reports of baggy fit
Some claim the sizing is inconsistent
A few reviewers have noted issues with tearing

by on Amazon

Best Work Pants for Carpenters FAQ

Do all carpenter pants fit the same?

No, they do not. Sizing and fit vary across different brands and styles. If you are interested in a specific product, be sure to check the sizing dimensions before purchasing so you can ensure you are getting a proper fit.

How can you waterproof carpenter pants?

As most work pants are not waterproofed by design, it is necessary to waterproof them yourself if your job requires such a thing. To do this, the most common and easy option is to use a waterproofing spray. These are cheap and easily purchased in most retail stores and online through Amazon.

Can you wash work pants in a washing machine?

Generally, most work pants are machine washable, but it is best to never assume and always check your labeling. Some contain coatings that can be damaged by a washing machine and dryer so be sure to always double-check if you are unsure.

Can you iron work pants?

As with machine washing, ironing work pants will vary depending on whether or not the brand has coated it or used a material that does not suit heat application. Be sure to check the labeling to prevent damaging your pants.

Can you wear thermals under your work pants?

Sure! Most work pants come uninsulated, so wearing thermals under your pants is great if you are working in colder climates.


Work pants are a very personal thing. What some people love, you may dislike. Figure out what best suits your needs and go with it! There is a massive market so you will certainly find something perfect, be it one of the fantastic items listed here or an alternative. Good luck!

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